Match Reports 2019/20

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20+1/9/19 vs. Cam City (D 1-1)

The start of the new season not only brought a new league for the Beds (having benefitted from the restructuring of the leagues), but also saw the introduction of the CUHC fantasy league, giving all of the Beds extra motivation to go out and get a win. Having record a 1-0 over the same team just 4days previously, confidence was high amongst the team. Despite only having 12 players, everyone worked extremely hard and played well with only a last minute short corner goal denying us a win. 

Here’s how the Beds players did in the fantasy league this week (although the points are a bit skewed due to some players also playing in the Nomads’ 3-2 loss):

The top performers:

Leanne Tyme = +9 

Leanne enjoyed an incredible league debut for CUHC, making some fantastic saves which lead to her being picked as MOM.

Sarah Alsaad = +7 

Sarah backed up being picked in 84% of fantasy teams by scoring the Bed’s only goal of the match.

Everyone else:

Annabel Follows = +5

Lydia Michaelides = +4

Jess Harding = +4

Rachel Smith = +4

Isolde Pryle = +3

Devi Sietaram = +3

Charlotte Trotter = +3

Emily Bailey = +3

Kirsten Meehan = +1

Georgie McKenna = -6 (due to receiving DOD from both Beds and Nomads)

28/9/19 vs. Cambridge South (L 10-1)

MoM: Rachel Smith, DoD: Vivi Way

No Match Report Submitted 🙁

05/10/19 vs. Bury St Edmunds (L 3-0)

MoM: Leanne Tymme , DoD: Devi Sieteram

No Match Report Submitted 🙁

12/10/19 vs. Pelicans (W 2-1)

MoM: Emilia Davies, DoD: Charlotte Cutter

No Match Report Submitted 🙁

19/10/19 vs. Dereham (L 4-0)

MoM: Ruth Stevenson, DoD: Bill Taylor

No Match Report Submitted 🙁

26/10/19 vs. Bourne Deeping (W 2-1)

MoM: Issy Clarke, DoD: Scarlett Atkinson

Match report to be submitted soon…