Bedouin’s Archive

2018/19 Fixtures
Date Match type Opposition Venue PB Time Score
22/09/2018 League Saffron Walden 1 H (P1) 10:00 L 0-8
29/09/2018 League Royston 1 A 10:00 W 1-2
06/10/2018 League Bury St Edmunds 2 H (P3) 12:00 L 1-5
13/10/2018 League Huntingdon 1 A 10:30 L 3-2
20/10/2018 League Horncastle 1 H (P3) 15:00 W 2-0
27/10/2018 League City of Peterborough 3 A 16:00 W 0-6
03/11/2018 League March Town 1 H (P1) 12:00 W 23-0
10/11/2018 League Spalding 2 H (P3) 10:30 W 3-0
17/11/2018 League Haverhill Ladies 1 A 15:00 W 1-9
24/11/2018 League Ely City 1 H (P1) 10:30 W 3-2
01/12/2018 League Wisbech Town 2 A 10:30 W 1-4
08/12/2018 League Saffron Walden 1 A 14:00 L 4-0
12/01/2019 League Royston 1 H (P1) 10:30 W 2-1
19/01/2019 League Bury St Edmunds 2 A 10:00 P-P
26/01/2019 League Huntingdon 1 H 10:30 W 7-1
02/02/2019 League Horncastle 1 A 11:30 P-P
09/02/2019 League City of Peterborough 3 H 10:30 -
16/02/2019 League March Town 1 A TBC -
02/03/2019 League Spalding 2 A 11:00 -
09/03/2019 League Haverhill Ladies 1 H TBC -
16/03/2019 League Ely City 1 A TBC -
23/03/2019 League Wisbech Town 2 H TBC -
2018/19 Match Reports
22/09/18 Bedouin 0-8 Saffron Walden 1s | MoM Holly

The Beds were prepared for a tough first league game against Saffron Walden, who had been demoted from the division above us last season. We started strong and, despite their persistence in attack, defence kept the ball away from our goal by making some great tackles and clears. We used the transfer around the back to keep possession although we struggled to get the ball past the half way line due to their dominance in midfield. However when we did break we looked strong in attack with Mel, Emilia and Charlotte making great runs and almost scoring. For the first 20 minutes we held them off the goal with Holly saving some powerful shots from short corners and skillfully defending all corners of the goal. Eventually they managed to convert their possession in the D into a goal, this was followed by 2 more before half time. Despite this we did not let our heads get down and we played well together as a new team. After half time we had a few more promising breaks but didn’t manage to convert and they scored another ? goals, our tiredness due to only having one sub beginning to show. We finished the match and although the score was disappointing we were praised for having stayed positive and we felt we were starting to get used to playing as a team.

MoM: Holly

DoD: Isolde


29/09/18 Bedouin 2-1 Royston 1s | MoM Emilia Davies

I woke up on Saturday morning a happy captain. It was a sunny, beautiful day for a bit of hockey and, somehow, the Beds had scrambled together 13 players – not bad for a pre-season Saturday match. At 8:55 I met some of the girls and cycled to our meeting point. When we got there at 8:59 there were no other Beds waiting for us, but our meet time was 9 o’clock so I didn’t think much of it. 9 o’clock came and went and I was starting to get twitchy. Soon it was half past 9, half an hour til game time, and I still had only 9 players. Good as the Beds are, two men short might just exceed our abilities. Frantically calling the other two women’s teams begging them to send me a player or two, I tried to show the team that everything was going to be fine… I wasn’t so convinced.

Eventually, I managed to acquire two players who turned up, as instructed, in black kit. It was 9:47: just over 10 minutes until game time but we looked unified, prepared, and raring to go. We sprinted to the pitch and I enthusiastically, but apologetically, greeted an umpire. The reciprocation? He just stood and shook his head at me. Thinking his problem was with our timing, I apologised once more for our tardiness, to which he responded, ‘No, that’s not the problem,’ he then looked me up and down and pointed to my shirt, then my socks, saying, ‘this is’. Baffled, and not sure whether or not to be insulted, I looked around to my team, only to realise that I wasn’t looking at my team at all; I was, in fact, looking at Royston Ladies 1s, wearing the exact same kit as us.

Oh dear.

Week 2 and almost everything that could go wrong had gone wrong. Panic mode was swiftly activated. Our solution? Some rather disgusting smelling bibs were adorned and shin pads were worn over socks – not a bad look, and a distraction for the opposition if nothing else. And thus, before the hockey had begun, I was given the honour of DOD, unanimously, by my lovely team. I won’t be making that mistake again.

As for the hockey, for a brand new team with lots of fresh faces and very little experience playing together, we did a fantastic job. Everyone remained calm and positive under the hectic conditions pre-match, and played the best that I had seen so far. A 2 – 1 victory, though encouraging and an exciting first win, was not reflective of our standard, and I hope to see many more goals in our home match against Royston. Emilia Davies shone with a new confidence, with her skills and pace on the ball proving too much for the opposition – a worthy MOM. A few stick tackles here and there need to be addressed, as does subbing on *at the half way point*, but the umpires informed me that I had a great team in the making. Let’s hope this Saturday can prove them right! And get me out of this DOD position…

MOM: Emilia Davies
DOD: El Robson


3/11/18 Bedouin 23 - 0 March Town 1s | MoM ? 

The Beds prepared themselves for another large one, this time for initiations. With the fresh dressed as beautiful peas and the older years dressed as princesses, another large one was indeed had. Having not been at the main event, I was shocked and appalled to see a couple of the fresh (albeit second years) not looking like a green and round vegetable in the fine establishment that is Cindies. Poor form from these fresh. Meanwhile some kept true to their word and kept their swimming caps and green paint on and boogied through the night.

Many peas were feeling the effects of the large one the night before and training wasn’t as focussed as it normally is. I got laughed at for my limby defending (a mean distraction technique I think) quite a few times but went home excited for the match ahead.

Friday (Welfare night):
After a hard days work (a whole 2 hours of contact!), I was feeling ready for some welfare that came in the form of pizza, the Cats JCR, and arguably one of the best films ever made. A lot can be learnt from the film ‘Gold’. Impeccable stick skills, how to play in wet conditions (bare foot apparently), some absolute cracking team talks, and most importantly some dance moves that I’m sure will be replicated in the cloob this Wednesday. It was also discovered that some anon Mblues player got asked to be extras in this film but declined. Could have been the start to a great career. Poor form. To highlight some of my favourite quotes:
‘I love hockey’- a staple.
‘Like you pass the ball in a game … just like that sometimes in life you have to pass your dreams as well’
‘A great player is not only the one who shoots the ball in the goal … a great player is also someone who gets the ball to a place from where a goal can be scored’
‘No dream is impossible … if we come together and believe that this dream will come true’
Deep and inspiring stuff.

Game day had arrived. We got some fresh kit, had a team talk, and watched the end of the Blues game (we’re nice like that) before warming up. After a 6-0 win last week against a team higher than the one we were playing meant we were feeling confident. We also overheard that they only had 10 players, but didn’t tell all the beds this as sometimes we can all get a bit overexcited and play worse hockey than we should. El set some incentives-MOM and highest scorer didn’t have to do fitness the next week. A big incentive some might say.The game was played and lots of goals were scored. Some highlights from the match:
Sarah being so desperate to get highest scorer that she fell over most times she scored.
9 people getting on the scoresheet.
3 goals (first ever!) from a limby defender who got quite excited and decided to jump and scream a fair amount (sorry March Town, realise this may not have been too helpful when it was the 23rd goal…)
Getting a feature on twitter #rugby score-n.b. Simon on Twitter, our goals were not ‘deflected by chance’ but yes we were ‘relentless and disciplined’

After a record (?) win of 23-0, double helping of a sausage roll pizza combo (inspired by ‘buzzfeedTasty’ surely), we couldn’t decide a MOM or DOD so I volunteered to write the match report. Surely there is no doubt that we are the best team in CUHC after this huge win.


2017/18 Results
Date Match type Opposition Venue PB Time Score
23/09/17 League CoP 3 A 1600 D 0-0
30/09/17 League Bury St Edmunds 3 H 1030 W 1-0
07/10/17 League Spalding 2 A 1230 L 0-1
14/10/17 League Bourne Deeping 1 H 1030 - -
21/10/17 League March Town 1 A 1400 - -
28/10/17 League Horncastle 1 H 1030 - -
04/11/17 League Bury St Edmunds 3 A 1030 - -
11/11/17 League Cambridge City 4 H 1030 - -
18/11/17 League Haverhill Ladies 1 A 1100 - -
25/11/17 League Huntingdon 1 A 1100 - -
02/12/17 League Ely City 1 H 1030 - -
09/12/17 League CoP 3 H 1030 - -
06/01/18 League Bury St Edmunds 2 A ? - -
13/01/18 League Spalding 2 H 1030 - -
20/01/18 League Bourne Deeping 1 A 1400 - -
27/01/18 League March Town 1 H 1030 - -
03/02/18 League Horncastle 1 A 1400 - -
10/02/18 League Burry St Edmunds 3 H 1030 - -
24/02/18 League Cambridge City 4 A ? - -
03/03/18 League Haverhill Ladies 1 H 1030 - -
10/03/18 League Huntingdon 1 H 1030 - -
17/03/18 League Ely City 1 A 1200 - -


2017/18 Match reports
18/11/17 Beduoin 4-1 Haverhill 1s| MoM Rachel

With a some what depleted training squad this week due to some unhappy dos’ the Beds rallied the troops and hatty stepped up to make it 14 players travelling to Haverhill. The day had a rooky start with Kath being unable to turn on the car and El straining her groin from too much “action” leading to her stretching “doggy style” (Robson 2017). Despite a shaky first ten minutes the beds settled into a silky rhythm with some delicious two ones down the line. The first epic goal was from t-dog who popped it over the keeper. The next goal from a reverse stick pass (shovel) from Sarah to Izzy who got a spectacular touch that G-buzz would be proud of right into the corner of the goal. Kath scored the next two goals in quick succession with a cracking strike and some nice tight rolls placing us well in the lead. With a final score of 4-1 the Beds left Haverhill happy with Rachel being crowned MoM for some great defence play!


4/11/17 Beduoin 2-1 Bury St Edmunds 3s| MoM ?

In the blistering rain the Bedouin beat bury 2-1. It was a beautiful games with blazing runs and blessed bold passes. Tamara hid in a cupboard while the balls bounds between bury and the beds and their backboard. Great match teas. We love bury


28/10/17 Beduoin 4-0 Horncastle 1s| MoM Mel Sweirs

The Bedouin have had a tough week. Phones have broken, essays have been rushed, and to top it all off there has been victimisation based on hair colour. Anna and Tamara arrived at Wilby crying, in reaction to the heartless comments in the weekend preview, about the state of their souls. The soulful pair eventually managed to compose themselves, reassured by the knowledge that they are assured in their revenge because of the power of the elder wand. Despite the tough start, the team embarked on a thorough and invigorating warm up, setting themselves up for the game ahead. Think dynamic stretching, sprint practice and stick-on-ball action – it was a truly inspiring event. Within minutes of the match start, it was clear that this team is certainly not in Hufflepuff (our average pottermore result is in fact Gryffindor). Kirsty made an excellent pick, and in the moment shot out a LION patronus (not a war at Christmas, duh). The attack and midfield stupefied their defenders on multiple occasions, ending up with cracking 4-0 win (#groovy) against Horncastle. After the match, MOM Mel commented “everyone was on it – snappy passes, just like my reaction with an expeliamus.” It was agreed that this was the perfect preparation for the upcoming Quidditch world cup, O*ford better get practicing their defensive charms….


21/10/17 Beduoin 4-2 March Town 1s| MoM El Robson

After a week of working on attack and drive, we March(Town)ed into our game with aggression and a strong desire to win. Our training clearly had impact as we found some of our strongest defenders in the D, hunting down the glory of a goal for themselves. This paid off as Rachel assisted in many brilliant spurs of attack and Isla got us off to a flying start, 1-0 up. However, one or two of the beds might want to hold back on their ‘attack and drive’: Lydia’s determined (and crucial) efforts at the back, once again, led to a minor injury following a knee to the head when she forgot that, while winning the ball back is important, safety really should come first. Throughout the match, despite gale-force winds, a slower pitch than we are used to, and a (brief) lull in stamina, the beds looked dominant. Juliette’s roll-outs and Laura’s slaps definitely left the opposition a few paces behind but it was Anna M’s speed and tidy skills that won her both a goal and MoM in our march to a 4-2 win.

DoD: El Robson

MoM Anna McFaul


14/10/17 Beduoin 0-0 Bourne Deeping 1s| MoM ?

Last Saturday the Beds took on Borne Deeping 1’s. As we saw them approach the pitch we soon realised they have no ‘blobby defenders’ so this was going to be a tough match with lots of running, and yes, the match was very tough but the beds keep up work rate that was commended by our delightful coach Luce. In the first half although we had over 50% possession of the play we very much struggled to score, with them overloading the D our hit the play as hard as possible technique wasn’t working in our favour. Unfortunately Borne Deeping scores a sneaky goal on a break in the first half. After a motivational team talk from Luce and Georgie we started the second half off much better and started to play some really flare hockey. However we then took a sudden turn for the worse and in less than ten minutes of beds chaos the opposition scored three goals, taking us to 4-0. However a quick ‘you can still win this’ from g buzz got us all raring. A cheeky slap from Faulks to Cat who heroically lifted the ball over the fallen keep resulted in a glorious goal for the beds. The final score was 4-1. However the beds eagerly await a rematch with Borne Deeping 1’s.


23/09/17 Beduoin 0-0 Peterborough 3s| MoM Hattie

The Bedouin kicked off the new season with a flying start against Peterborough 3s. The fresh-faced team instantly gelled together, showing a lot of promise for the year. With a little more squad practice, they should be able to improve dramatically on the nil-nil score line. Highlights from the match include a very exciting warm-up game of temple run and Izzy Shears running into the elderly umpire, who “quite enjoyed it”. The deserving MOM was Hattie, and the DOD was Isla (reasons undisclosed). Post match, the team enjoyed excellent baking from Nomad Beth Barker and a Maccies, prior to excellent performance at Hawks and Spoons.

MoM: Hattie

DOD: Isla


2016/17 Results
Date Match type Opposition Venue PB Time Score
17/09/16 League Cambridge Nomads 1 H 1030 L 2-5
24/09/16 League St. Neots 1 A 1300 L 0-4
01/10/16 League Cambridge City 3 H 1030 L 2-5
08/10/16 League Bourne Deeping 1 A 1400 D 2-2
15/10/16 League Newmarket H 1030 L 1-4
22/10/16 League Royston 1 A 1300 L 1-7
29/10/16 League Spalding 1 H 1030 L 1-5
05/11/16 League Long Sutton 1 H 1030 D 2-2
12/11/16 League Alford & District 1 A 1230 L 2-3
19/11/16 League Wisbech Town 2 H 1030 L 1-3
26/11/16 League City of Peterborough A 1600 D 2-2
03/12/16 League Cambridge Nomads 1 A 1100 L 0-9
14/01/16 League St. Neots 1 H 1030 L 2-4
21/01/16 League Cambridge City 3 A TBC L 1-4
28/01/16 League Bourne Deeping 1 H 1030 W 5-1
04/02/16 League Newmarket 1 A 1200 L 0-2
11/02/16 League Royston 1 H 1030 W 4-0
25/02/16 League Spalding 1 A 1230 L 0-3
26/02/16 VARSITY O*ford H - W 2-2(Shuffles)
04/03/16 League Long Sutton 1 A 1300 L 0-2
11/03/16 League Alford & District 1 H 1030 W 2-1
18/03/16 League Wisbech Town 2 A 1200 W 3-1
25/03/16 League City of Peterborough 2 H 1030 L 2-5


2016/17 Match Reports

Final match of the season, and due to confused shenanigans a couple of weekends before, the Beds found themselves rather desperately needing a win to keep their hopes staying up in this league alive.

Alas with a somewhat depleted end of season team, the Beds struggled to find their winning form in the first half, going down 3 goals in the first half. There was nothing to fault in the Beds work rate, but Peterborough came up strongly from the start, and put the team under a lot of pressure.

Post half time chat and sweets, the Beds came out with renewed energy (its not over until its over after all), but their comeback was nonetheless too little too late. Scoring 2 goals to CoP’s 1 in the second half, we finished off the season with a couple of impressive goals (both from Rosie Bishop), and with some flare in the D from the forwards.

Final score was unfortunately 5-2 to Peterborough, but it was a strong effort for an unusual Beds line-up.

MoM – Jess Czink for being so solid in defence as ever

No DoD.

With East-Leagues not smiling down upon CUHC, unfortunately despite their work the Beds find themselves relegated back down after one season in 2NW. Nonetheless it was a thrilling season with some incredible highlights (Varsity victors!) and some stunning hockey. Next year, the Beds will prove (once again) that they deserve to be in this league by getting promoted back up I’m sure!


Come the day and come the hour, come the power and the glory, we came to answer CUHC’s call, with only one girl who was from a province of Ireland.

The Bedouin The Bedouin, together standing tall

Shoulder to shoulder we answered CUHC’s call

From the mighty Glens of Antrim, from the rugged hills of Galway! From the walls of Limerick, and Dublin Bay, there were none to be found- except one (who was singled out and made to write this match report)

The Bedouin The Bedouin, together standing tall

Shoulder to shoulder we answered CUHC’s call

Hearts of steel and heads unbowing, bodies never to be broken (until the next day). We ‘fought’ until we could ‘fight’ no more, with only one girl who was from a province of Ireland.

The Bedouin The Bedouin, together standing tall

We won 3-1 and were fed like champions, which we are (relegation or not)

The Bedouin The Bedouin, together standing tall

Shoulder to shoulder we answered CUHC’s call

MOM: Ceit Jesmont #cuhcantique

DoD: Emma Owens (for being Irish – no joke)


11/03/17 Beduoin 2-1 Alford & District| MoM Laura Andrews

The Beds decided that it would be good for all English CUHC players to show some affection for all their ‘European’ teammates while it’s still possible. With Brexit around the corner this is maybe one of the last years in which you left-drivers can benefit from the exotic skills of for example you’re dutch players as Anne Zwolsman, Thomas Schute, Niels van Fraassen and myself (Bric). To honour this ‘continent’ players the Beds allowed me to write the match report in Dutch and afterwards translate it in English with Google Translate. The outcome:

Last Saturday was the Beds for the game against Alford and District in the planning. The goal was not only to win the match, but also to receive minimal cards. The first is successful, the second unfortunately.

It seemed as if the opponent had not heard the whistle, because the first ball was already past the goalie Alford and District after 30 seconds by Landrews. Although the average age of the opponent about 30 years was higher than that of the Beds, the game was very exciting. Through endless training on deflections made or Emma or Rachel the second goal, however, they deny both their involvement. To run the race finally decided opponent to stand on bric literally.

We usually say in Netherlands’ let it lie that is dead, “the Beds pulled upright their teammate and they headed off together on a deserved victory. The beds collector cards crying as if they were a game of quartet playing. The final score was 2 to 1 the beds.

MOM: Landrews

DOD: Bric (for wearing her skirt the other way around)


The Beds arrived at Long Sutton’s beach pitch with limited numbers but determination to secure a much needed win.  Unfortunately, despite our optimism, we struggled against such an aggressive team, especially in the hot conditions.  Our first blow came when Nic took a stick to the head, causing great concern amongst her team members about whether she’d be able to drive us home.  Our bad luck continued when this time Tamara was hit in the face – however both refused to spend too long on the sideline due to our shortage of players.  A couple of consecutive decisions against us led to an angry outburst from myself, an occurrence which apparently surprised many of my teammates enough to award me DoD.  The injuries kept coming – just seconds before the final whistle Georgie took a hit to her hand which later turned out to be a broken thumb, continuing her tradition of being a target for the Long Sutton team.  Despite our best efforts, the final score was 2-0.

MoM: Colette

DoD: Rachel Stoner


No match report.

MoM: Holly

DoD: Bish


No match report.

MoM: McKenna

DoD: Czink


04/02/17 Beduoins 0-2 Newmarket 1s| MoM Ceit Jesmont

The Beds fought hard against a quick and skilful Newmarket side on Saturday. Despite a strong start, an early break by Newmarket caught the team off guard, taking the score to 1-0. However, the girls maintained the score line well into the second half, with some great saves by keeper Azka and strong defensive play, especially by full-back Ceit who powered through an early injury to her foot. There were some great pieces of play and multiple attacking penalty corners, but unfortunately the Beds were unable to convert; Newmarket’s 1st runner was very strong and it so happened that there were no experienced injectors out that day. The score was taken to and finished at 2-0 when Newmarket scored from a penalty corner, but overall the Beds had a strong game with a lot of possession, and the team even managed to avoid a 10-minute lull in the second half. Things are looking good for Varsity in 3 weeks time.

MoM: Ceit

DoD: Colette


28/01/16 Beduoins 5-1 Bourne Deeping 1s| MoM Emma Owens

We told you all it was coming (see last weeks match report); a fantastic, if not slightly overdue, win for the Bedouin team this weekend: 5-1.
Bourne Deeping, positioned only one above in the table, were a rather feisty bunch on the pitch but no match for the Beds.
The first half saw monumental goal scoring; started off by Bish with a cheeky chip in, (I’m really sorry I can’t remember who else scored) to conclude the half with 4-0.
In the second half the opposition seemed to get their act together a lil bit and managed to score one goal. This was immediately over run by a top D smash to goal by Landrews in a short corner. The number one runner got herself a bit carried away and forgot to stop…
We shouldn’t forget to mention that Izzy Shears managed to get herself green carded with a 5 minute sin bin (lol); sassy questioning of the umpire over her shot at goal.

Onwards and upwards, this is the beginning of the winning streak for Beds. #Bedowinning #PutThemToBed

MOM: Emma
DOD: Nic (outrageous – not deserved!)


20+1/01/16 Beduoins | MoM Brechtje Boerboom

The Beds were keen to play a good game after a string of frustrating losses so far this season. Cam City 3s undoubtedly played well, but the Beds were not deterred and played some of the best hockey of the season. The first goal of the match was scored by Bedouin Colette with a lovely deflection into the defending goal: 1-0 to city. But just minutes after, Emma scored an equaliser with a lovely lift over the keeper. Despite maintaining the score line at a draw for much of the game, showing some great pieces of play and successfully defending a few penalty corners, in true Bedouin style, a few good breaks from city pulled the final score to: city 4-1 beds.

MoM: Bric

DoD: Colette


14 + 15/01/16 Beduoins | MoM Colette x2, Nicola x1

The Beds had a busy weekend with two matches Saturday and Sunday: St Neots 1’s and Wisbech.

Both matches were valiantly fought for with strong attacking play and solid defensive structure.

St Neots are, questionably, top of the league and unfortunately owing to a few unlucky breaks the match was conceded 4-2.

Undeterred the girls came out raring to go against Wisbech on Sunday afternoon, our very own Alex Mayes stepping up as umpire. After a strong first half, dominating with 1-0 the match was unfortunately lost 3-1. Next time it shan’t be so unfortunate.

Straight from Christmas holidays, our form is looking promising for the upcoming weeks; a win is coming for the Bedouin.

MoM: ?
DoD: Nicola ‘I PMB’d in front of all three coaches…’ Wilde


3/12/16 Beduoins 0-9 Cambridge Nomads 1s | MoM N/A

Nothing to report. The beds had 11 players. 2 got injured. Mayesy got angry. Beds lost.


26/11/16 Beduoins 2-2 City of Peterborough 2s | MoM Alice Jones & Rosie Vince

As the Beds arrived at Peterborough hockey ground last Saturday they firstly noted the convenient location of the pitch (next to a hospital – “for when we smash them”) and the look of the teas (a solid jacket, cheese and beans – “for after we smash them”). Still searching for that elusive win, the Beds warmed up well and headed for the pitch, with coach Shears on the sidelines. The match started somewhat shakily with some nervous play and dangerous passing at the back. However the Beds regained their nerve and the first half saw some slick passing and smooth transfers. However, on a break Peterborough carried the ball into the Beds’ D and scored a goal more scrappy than the CUHC massif of a Wednesday Cindies. The Beds rose to the challenge however, and with some lovely play, great leads and quick passes down the line managed to equalise, with great attacking play from Rosie and Jones slotting away the goal. Re-fuelled by half time sweets, the team set out to take the lead in the second half. With some great leads from Jones, the Beds took the ball into their 25 and Rosie skilfully dodged the defense more times than CUWHC had to dodge men in kilts on Sunday. 2-1 in the lead, the Beds thought the win could be in their grasp. However, like taxis were snaked from Fran outside Wilby, Peterborough snaked a draw, bringing the scoreline to 2-2 with 7 minutes to go. However, despite the disappointment of an almost-win, the Beds were chuffed with a weekend of some of their best gameplay all season, both on the pitch and off it.
MoM Alice Jones and Rosie Vince
DoD Izzy Shears


12/11/16 Beduoins 2-3 Alford and District 1s | MoM Holly Hellawell
Grey dreary day and 14 chatty beds off to skeznet (which after much discussion we realised wasn’t in Scotland). After hours in the car and no view of the sea we all just made it there.
A shortage of shirts but a thorough warm up meant we were ready to go and play through the rain.
With a physical opposition we needed to stay strong but there was a bit too much chat from both sides on the pitch. Rosie held her cool but in the end it was just not enough.
Holly made some incredible saves but a sharp strike from Rosie plus sick deflection from Izzy could unfortunately not match the the 3 goals from Alford and district. However with some great play from the beds and the compliment that we should not be bottom. The beds continue into next week gunning for that illusive win.
Mom – Holly
Dod – Tamara


5/11/16 Beduoins 2-2 Long Sutton 1s | MoM Ceit Jesmont

With a 10.30 pushback on a cold Saturday morning, the Beds showed up at Wilby ready to face tough opposition, Long Sutton, who sat at second place in the league. We weren’t expecting an easy match but were hoping for better than a(nother) loss. Right from the start, the Beds were playing well, probably thanks to Mayesey’s great advice of ‘just play hockey’.  We were persistent and energetic despite the cold, but unfortunately allowed Long Sutton a couple of scrappy goals in the first half, making the score at half time 2-0.

But we didn’t let that get us down and came back fighting in the second half. It paid off and not long later, a great pass through to Rachel in the D earned us our first goal. The second half also saw an improvement in our transfers across the pitch and we were rewarded by another goal, this time from Hannah. The rest of the match saw no more goals, but the Beds were thrilled with a draw against such a strong team, especially after a string of losses. Rumours have it that even the feisty Long Sutton players admitted that the Beds were the best team they’ve played all season.

Man of the match nominees included Georgie McKenna who took a blow to the mouth in the second half, but in the end it went to Ceit Jesmond for a strong performance throughout the entire game.

MOM : Ceit Jesmont

DOD: Rachel Stoner


29/10/16 Beduoins 1-5 Spalding 1s | MoM Azka Yousaf & Brechtje Boerboom

This weekend the Beds had a home match against top of the table Spalding. The first half saw a huge improvement on last week with the Beds playing arguably their best hockey of the season. Despite going 1-0 down early on, the Beds fought back and equalised through Charlotte. Some great saves from Azka kept the scores level going into half time.

Unfortunately, the Beds couldn’t keep up the quality of hockey and allowed Spalding to dominate the second half, in which they scored 4 goals. Although, the final score was 5-1, the first half performance showcased the Beds best hockey, with high work rate and strong link up play, and gives them a good performance to build on.

MOM : Azka and Brechtje

DOD: Georgie McKenna


22/10/16 Beduoins 1-7 Royston 1s | MoM Nicola Wilde

This weekend the Beds ventured far to Cats pitches to face Royston 1s.  The first 10 minutes saw some beautiful linking play right through the team, and after letting in a rogue breakaway, the Beds quickly scored to level the score-line.  It looked promising.  Alas, unfortunately a batch of amnesia seemed to seize the team and the Beds selectively forgot how to play hockey.  After rallying at half time, the Beds came out strongly, holding off the opposition with hard work and lots of attacking play.  Despite many chances which never quite made it into the goal, the second half saw Royston put another one past us.  Nonetheless the improvement from the first half was phenomenal and the Beds’ potential once more shone through.

Final score, 7-1 to Royston (the less said about the first half the better).

MoM Nicola Wilde

DoD Rosie Vince (for pre-match shadmin)


15/10/15 Bedouins 1-4 Newmarket 1s | MoM Brechtje Boerboom

The Beds arrived at a grey wilby to face Newmarket 1s with 4 hockey freshers making their debut for CUHC. A strong start from the Beds saw some of the best match-play of the season, with quick linking passes and a smooth transfer at the back. With some strong leads from Tamara and Charlotte in the middle we were soon pushing at their D. Newmarket stepped up to match the strong performance however, and on a quick break slotted the ball into the net. With a break from Landrews up front the Beds got a foot in the D, and a clean strike from Jess brought the scoreline to 1-1. After a rogue halftime snack of satsumas and fudge, the Beds set out to claim another goal in the second half but the high work rate from the entire team was taking its toll and Newmarket managed to get another 2 goals. Despite strong defensive work and some cracking saves from Holly, the opposition managed to sneak a 4th goal in the last minutes, bringing the scoreline to 4-1. However, some promising play and great perfomances from the hockey freshers shows great potential within the Beds to start to move up the table.

MoM Brechtje Boerboom (Brick)

DoD Izzy Shears


08/10/16 Bedouins 2-2 Bourne Deeping 1s | MoM Ceit Jesmond + Azka Yousaf

A long drive on Saturday morning brought us to some unfamiliar surroundings to take on Bourne Deeping 1s. With a strong start it was evident the Beds were hungry for a win. Fiery attacking from the Bedouins was met by some forceful interception from the Bourne Deeping side resulting in the ball being pushed eventually into our 25, resulting in a goal.
However the fight continued as Bourne Deeping was forced back when met by some fantastic defence from Ceit and Jess who held the back together creating opportunity for our mids to force the play back up the pitch.
In the last 5 minutes of the first half we managed to find a Bourne Deeping foot in the D resulting in a straight strike goal by Rosie. Aska (the one who saved the day) our goalie made some cracking saves, keeping the score line in our favour.
The second half met us with some unpredicted reactions from Bourne Deeping, resulting in some heated play but surprisingly no cards. However this only led us closer to their goal- quite literally, as Beth made a clean run from the half way line to take on the goalie and resulting in a goal finish. Bourne Deeping were quick to react scoring shortly afterwards from a short corner however Aska continued to kick away the ball right up until the final whistle leaving us with a draw of 2-2.

MoM: Ceit Jesmond + Azka (GK)

DoD: Emma Owens


1/10/16 Beduoins 2-5 Cambridge City 3s | MoM Boo Tooze

Two matches down and still no goalie to be found? Is what you might have been thinking before you started to read this match report. However, for our third match of the season we were equipped with a goalie and subs- the dream! The first half started well with solid passing and transfers; as a result the Bedouins were feeling strong and confident to take on the Cambridge City side. After the first 10 minutes of solid defensive play, the goals from Cam City started to ‘dribble’ in (no pun intended). With Catriona putting in a great shift it was unfortunate for the ball to just lose touch of her pads. Although we had found a goalie we didn’t find the back board of the goal in the first half.
However, a motivating half time talk from coaches Shears and Mayesy meant that the Beds were raring to go despite the score line.
Apart from some unintended stick swaps (hence why I am writing this match report) we came back with some strong linking play, pushing the ball into Cambridge City’s 25, with Charlotte Williams scoring 2 cracking consecutive goals allowing us to walk away with a score of 5-2. A definite defeat but a game that showed definite opportunity for victories to come!

MoM: Boo Tooze

DoD: Emma Owens


24/09/16 Beduoins 0-4 St. Neots 1s | MoM Jess Czink + Isla Phillips

Exhaustion. Fitness week had left the Beds struggling to walk but we managed to scrape together a 12 man team. This week we were up again St Neots and it was Social Sec #2, otherwise known as Charlotte’s turn to whip on the sexy goalie kit, freshly sweaty from… ?!…..

We started strong, with some slick and wide early passing. Unfortunately the pressure of two speedy St Neots centre-mids kept us on the defensive for most of the game. The first pulled ham string of the season (Champ Lydia) saw a special subbing by Emma, jumping into defence and doing a great job whacking away some wide approaches. A dense centre pitch made passing difficult, but we persevered. A final score 4-0 was only evidence for some teething problems adjusting to our new division, certainly no precedent for the coming season. The Beds will rise again!

Neot to be repeated.

MoM: Jess Czink + Isla Phillips

DoD: Fran Hamilton


17/09/16 Beduoins 2-5 Cambridge Nomads 1s | MoM Annie O'Niell

A new season, a new league. What could go wrong for CUHC’s most professional and hockey-focused team? Most years, the Beds struggle to put out a team for the first match of the season but this year we were ready. Unfortunately this is where the good news stopped. At 9:40 we were without a goal keeper and I was without a hockey stick (for which I earned DOD). But then Annie O’Niell stepped up, sacrificed her stick and put on the goal keeper kit. The games started as well as we could have hoped. There was some nice linking play and the potential was there. However, what wasn’t there was the fitness. This saw a few goals go in on the break and we weren’t converting our chances. But then Ceit Jesmont achieved the unheard of and scored a goal for the Beds off a short corner. We were back in it. But then we lost our composure and a few more goals may have gone in. So we went into half time with a not ideal score of 4-1. This was a bit of the shock for the Beds considering our zero losses last season. But then came Emily Thorpe’s team talk and confidence was restored. During the second half Jess managed to smack another goal in off a short corner and we finished the game 2-5. I think it would be fair to say and I think the other team would agree, this score does not entirely reflect the game which was far more even in terms of possession and chances. So all in all the Beds have a lot work to do but a promising season ahead. Also the score does not in any way reflect the performance from Annie, who put in a very strong shift, for which she earned MOM. Watch out Freddie, The Captain is coming.

MoM: Annie O’Niell

DoD: Beth Barker


2015/16 Results
Date Match type Opposition Venue PB Time Score
26/09/15 League City of Peterborough 3 A 1600 W 2-0
03/10/15 League Spalding 3 H 1030 W 4-1
10/10/15 League Haverhill 1 A 1500 W 4-1
17/10/15 League Huntingdon 1 A 1000 W 7-0
24/10/15 League Leadenham 1 1 H 1030 W 2-0
31/10/15 League March Town 1 A 1430 W 5-1
07/11/15 League Ely City 1 H 1030 W 4-1
14/11/15 League Spalding 2 A 1400 W 2-0
21/11/15 League St Ives 2 H 1030 W 1-0
28/11/15 League Cambridge South 1 A 1330 D 1-1
05/12/15 League Bourne Deeping H 1500 W 4-2
09/01/16 League Newmarket 2 A 1400 W 7-0
23/01/16 League City of Peterborough 3 H 1030 W 3-0
30/01/16 League Spalding 3 A 1100 W 9-0
06/02/16 League Haverhill 1 H 1030 W 4-0
13/02/16 League Huntingdon 1 H 1030 W 4-1
21/02/16 VARSITY Oxf*rd A - L 1-3
27/02/16 League Leadenham 1 A 1530 D 0-0
05/03/16 League March Town 1 H 1500 W 10-0
12/03/16 League Ely City 1 A 1200 -W 2-1
19/03/16 League Spalding 2 H 1030 W 1-0


2015/16 Match Reports
28/11/2015 Beduoin 1-1 Leadenham 2s 

Match report to come.


28/11/2015 Beduoin 1-1 Cambridge South 1s

It was a battle for the Beds this week, starting with finding the actual pitch. For some, this brought a return to the familiar area of Addenbrookes, whilst for others the lure of our home ground the Wilberfortress was just too much. Whilst awaiting the arrival of our most adventurous Bedouins to find their way to Long Road, the rest of us prepped ourselves for the tough game ahead with a Beds vs Bieber singalong, stepping up the pace with a much beloved, newly invented Temple Run warm up game.

Sadly, despite all team members reaching the Cam South fixture in the correct clothing following last years LBD/commando debacle, our outfit improvements didn’t make for the best of starts to a game. From the offset it was a battle against the toughest side we’ve faced all year, and despite stringing together some great sequences of play to get to their D, we just couldn’t quite put the ball in the goal. A fast break from a fast team led to Cam South getting on the scoresheet first – putting the Beds on the back foot; leading to a panicked first half of hockey, and half time talk pleas to avoid the sh-angles and throwaway passes to the opposition which we had been so warned against in training.

In the second half we came out fighting, the pitch strewn with injuries like a battlefield at times. Squelch’s fall and Margaret’s concussion left us a bit panicked at the back, saved countless times by Ceit’s left wing leads and Jess who had a stormer stopping more dangerous breaks from Cam South, even if some dubious tactics consisted of tackling from the floor. Yet miraculously, following a rousing side line speech from our injured Squelch, the Beds pulled together some magical form, spurred on by chants of #doitforthedinner and a desperation to save our captain, Jules the G’s dreamy dinner speech (#1sleeptogo). Putting pressure on the opposition, a cross finally found its way to Annie at P spot who safely put it in the goal to salvage our unbeaten record #rescuedfortherap. The final five minutes proved tense to say the least, each team giving it all they had to secure the full three points. Despite some close calls and chances to take it to 2-1, the Beds were glad to hear the final whistle, celebrating in the only way we know how, with a classic crew photo.

The post-changing room mulled wine served as a welcome, if slightly rogue, post-match aperitif, but it got us to the cosy rugby club in high spirits. After a long wait, the pizza and traditional MoM bake (safely transported in the most carefully bubble-wrapped shoebox we have witnessed, creds to Squelch) adequately calmed Pavey’s unexplained nerves, and topped off yet another successful Saturday for the Beds.

MoM = Jess Czink
DoD= Rachel Brennan


21/11/15 Bedouins 1-0 St Ives 2s

The morning got off to a shaky start for the Bedouin on Saturday morning with Brennan, Rhi and Preston having been on the lash the night before. However, the state of these three went relatively unnoticed in comparison to that of Jess Czink, who arrived at Wilby an hour late, after having been hit by a car. A stationary car. I can’t remember the specifics of this exchange, and as such am unable to detail the intimacies of how this actually happened.

Anyway, hockey. It was bloody freezing at Wilby. It wasn’t all sadness though, as Jess helpfully reminded us that the cold was actually really great in numbing the alarming red gash on her upper thigh.  The match got off to a slow start, the beds taking their time getting into the game. The first half was uneventful, essentially nothing of note occurred. In the second half Lisa neatly put the ball in the back of the net. Much celebration followed. The match ended.

With another win for the Bedouin, we moved onto the main event: match teas. The chicken fricassee and rice was indeed delicious, however upon the knowledge that the girls receive half the portion size of the men things turned sour. Please someone, do something about this. Thanks. In order to make up for this, the team quickly made up the calorie deficit by consuming an entire carrot cake cooked by Lisa and Rhi. Apparently it was delicious, due to the presence of walnuts I was unfortunately unable to partake.. not bitter.

All in all, a remarkably successful week for the Bedouin (all bar one… Brennan) however the undoubted highlight was dominating every single boat race at squocktails. A disappointing effort from our male counterparts. Unlucky boys.

MOM Juliet Michel and Amy Welch
DOD Alice Jones


14/11/15 Bedouins 2-0 Spalding 2s

The beds game was wet and wild. Pre match Jess fooled around in the park, followed by the whole team playing with Isla’s balls! Margaret got some pre match male attention. When it all kicked off, after being held up by the men, we started strong, constantly penetrating the d, but couldn’t it finish off! Spalding were a hard team, putting up a good fight! We had our eyes on the prize in the second half, and in the climax we dominated the d. Everyone always knew what position to be in. Beth went down again… Spalding hit the ball hard, but of course the beds know how to handle the hard balls, so this was no issue for us! With a firm grip on the stick Rhi finally managed to follow through, achieving the goal! After lurking around the d Jones popped another one in. Spalding spent too much time playing with the ball that they barely touched our d. After a strong performance from both teams we went our separate ways with plans for them to come round to ours next time. Another victory in the beds!

MOM Rhianna Miller
DOD Annie O’Neil


07/11/15 Bedouins 4-1 Ely City 1s

Last Saturday at 10 o’clock,
Beds were playing a bit of hock
Dressed in blue and white kit
Equipped with the stick
We were here to give Ely a shock
Beth was properly floored,
Pavey, Jones and Vince scored
A card was dished out,
The crowds gave a shout
and Louise came to applaud,
The final score was 4-1,
Which made up for the lack of sun,
The pasties filled a hole,
The Beds are on a roll,
And having lots of fun!

MOM Magaret Young
DOD Juliet Michel


31/10/15 Bedouins 5-1 March Town 1s

Beds were met with all sorts of surprises early on Saturday afternoon; the underwhelming nature of ‘the UK’s Best Village 2002’ and the fact that Ceit’s car was home to a Now49 CD to name but a few. Rolling into the March Town car park with Dido blaring, everyone was feeling inordinately relaxed after eloquent descriptions of our opposition based on prior experience. Upon starting the match, surprise number 3 reared it’s ugly and unwanted head, as Beds realised that we were not in fact playing utterly invalid pensioners, but a team who were actually very capable of playing decent hockey. So decent that in a shocking and mildly embarrassing plot twist, they scored. In the first 6 minutes. It was at this juncture that something strange overcame the Bedouins. Now seeing red, we surged into the opposing D and with a cheeky reverse sweep from Burrows, scored. It was to be the first of many. Pavey proceeded to hit the backboard and March Town were beginning to get riled up. Apparently confusing which of the afternoon’s internationally acclaimed sporting spectacle she was partaking in, March Town’s centre half delivered a cracking All Black’s style rugby tackle whereby her face planted itself in Alice Jones’ shoulder. In an act of stunning audacity, said player proceeded to call time out and loudly claim that she was getting married next week. Initially we failed to see the relevance of this, until she made it quite clear by pointing out that Alice had ruined an apparently otherwise unblemished face in what the player seemed to be considering an act of personal vengeance. Nonetheless, the match continued, and as if to make a point of our lack of sympathy, Burrows scored again. In retaliation, everyone’s favourite betrothed centre half hit the ball squarely into Tamara’s stomach and then, in a bid to phase the opposition with guilt, Pavey unhelpfully shouted that Tamara was also getting married next week. Needless to say this wasn’t received well. After some stunning tackles from the defence, more sass from March Town and more goals from Burrows, half time arrived. Vince helpfully reminded us passionately that the aim was “to get the ball in the goal”, and when reflecting on the successes of the previous half, Lisa provided the helpful insight that GK Margaret was “making some some good moves that meant the opposition didn’t score when otherwise they would have.” Saves Lisa. Margaret was making saves. The second half began and it seemed as though a toxic mix of delirium and angst had set in. Against the backdrop of Rhi shouting “come on Nomads” from the sideline, Alice Jones responded with hostility to the suggestion that the forwards should get on the posts, with the scathing remark that “we’ve got other places to be.” This atmosphere reached it’s bewildering peak when, in response to Burrows dribbling down the centre of the pitch, Lisa proceeded to swoop in with a forceful tackle which was, needless to say, met with deep confusion on behalf of all members of the team. Moments later, the ball was hit into Squelch’s stomach, only for the opposition to claim that she “walked into it.” Moments later, Preston plunged her hockey stick into her own stomach. It became apparent to all that the ambience had taken a dark turn. However the match was drawing to a close, and deciding that she had had quite enough of the afternoon’s proceedings, Burrows smashed a stunning volley into the back of the net – sealing the Beds victory. You may or may not have noticed that, while only 4 Cambridge goals have been reported, the scoreline indicates the final score was 5-1. The only way this can be explained is that in an act of majestic cooperation and team spirit, the ball was collectively caressed into the opposing goal by all 11 members of the Cambridge team. Margaret included. In reality no one could remember who scored the 5th goal, so Alice Jones shotgunned it for score sheet purposes.

MOM Georgie Burrows
DOD Lisa Sweering


24/10/15 Bedouins 2-0 Leadenham 1s MOM Harriet Potter

No match report


17/10/15 Bedouins 7-0 Huntingdon 1s MOM Harriet Potter

No match report.


10/10/15 Bedouins 4-1 Haverhill 1s

The Bedounic Journey was an eventful one this weekend. The afternoon played out like a series of unfortunate events (other than the 4-1 win obviously). Squelch arrived having had to borrow a vital piece of clothing from a friend. We were almost stranded in Cambridge when one car failed to start, and one member of the team consequently had to be sacrificed. Eventually we arrived in the town that is commonly known as Haverhill.

Following a rousing team talk in the changing room, we made our way onto the beach that is Haverhill Hockey Club’s pitch. Fighting out way across the sand, we were dismayed to see that just like us, Haverhill was wearing black. With the option of either sourcing some bibs or having to play the match in grey sweatshirts (interesting proposal), we fortunately managed to source some age 5 bibs in the next door leisure centre. Loving the tight fit of these bibs, the sassy Beds went on to storm to victory. Goals flew in left right and centre from Rosie, Alice, Beth and Annie. The only slight hiccup being the goal that we let in. But that was a minor blip on what was a brilliant performance by the Beds.

But our epic journey wasn’t over. The epic expedition to match teas left all Bedouinic cars stuck in the labrynth that is Haverhill’s one way system. Unbeknown to Jules, match teas were only 100m from the hockey pitch, and we weren’t actually supposed to drive there, a mistake that earnt me Dod, and meant we arrived half an hour late for match teas. But match teas certainly made up for it. Haverhill’s chip butties are undoubtedly at the top of the league.

Potter accurately summed up how we were feeling on the return journey to the Wilberfortress. “Fed up (in the food sense) and content”. #threeoutofthree #Bedouwinningallthetime #wearealmosttopoftheleague

MOM: Sass and Beth
DOD: Jules


03/10/15 Bedouins 4-0 Spalding 3s MOM Rhianna Miller

Like Ri Ri’s career, our own Rhianna shined bright like a diamond on Saturday, adding to the strong defence of the team.  Isla meanwhile proved herself remarkably adaptable, moving up into the midfield. The decision was vindicated when she scored a tactful goal just after half time, having received a well-timed pass. Finally Rosie was a regular on the scoreboard, slotting three over the game. Even Bradley would be proud of that.

MOM – Rhianna Miller
DOD – Pandora Layton


26/09/15 Bedouins 2-0 City of Peterborough 3s

After an eventful arrival at the pitches where one car had to be pushed into parking space after failing to restart the beds made their way into the changing rooms to get ready for their first game of the season. Here we settled until we were told not 5 minutes later that we were in the oppositions changing rooms and so all moved down the corridor into the correct changing room.

After a slightly delayed start due to a previous delay the beds quickly settled into formation even if we hadn’t all played together before. During the first half many chances where there but couldn’t be taken as we tried out our previously untried short corner routines. After a half time talk, where the main advice was to shoot as soon as we got into the D, complete with 3 bags of sweets we were ready to get back onto the pitch.

The second half followed a very similar pattern as the first with many shots being had but this time we managed to put them in with the number of short corners paying off and Rosie getting one into the goal, this was followed quickly by a well worked goal by Rachel playing in her second game of the day. Mom was given jointly to Harriet for some amazing runs up from right back and to Emma for holding the middle of the pitch throughout the game.

The way back was again slightly eventful with the same car dying again on the side of the A14 not 15 minutes away from Cambridge. Slightly delayed we all made it back safely but this is why I have had to write this for you all to enjoy.

MOM Harriet Potter and Emma Preston
DOD Tamara Norman


2014/15 Results
Date Match type Opposition Venue PB Time Score
20/09/14 League St. Neots 1 A 1200 L 1-2
27/09/14 League Cambridge Nomads 1 H 1200 L 3-2
04/10/14 League Long Sutton 1 H 1200 L 3-2
11/10/14 League Spalding 1 A 1400 L 8-0
18/10/14 League City of Peterborough 1 H 1200 L 0-1
25/10/14 League City of Peterborough 2 A 1100 W 3-0
01/11/14 League Pelicans 1 H 1200 W 4-0
08/11/14 League Wisbech Town 2 A 1230 W 4-0
15/11/14 League Ely City 1 H 1200 W 2-0
22/11/14 League Bourne Deeping 1 A 1400 W 1-0
29/11/14 League Alford & District 1 H 1200 L 0-1
18/01/15 League Cambridge Nomads 1 A 1100 W 1-0
24/01/15 League Spalding 1 H 1200 L 2-3
25/01/15 League St. Neots 1 H 1130 W 2-1
07/02/15 League City of Peterborough 2 H 1200 W 3-2
14/02/15 League Pelicans 1 A 1330 W 3-2
21/02/15 League Long Sutton 1 A 1300 D 2-2
22/02/15 VARSITY Oxford H L 1-2
28/02/15 League Wisbech Town 2 H 1200 W 3-0
01/03/15 League City of Peterborough 1 A W 3-2
07/03/15 League Ely City 1 A 1200 W 3-1
14/03/15 League Bourne Deeping 1 H 1200 W 4-2
21/03/15 League Alford & District 1 A 1230



2014/15 Match Reports
28/02/15 Bedouins 4-1 Haverhill 1s

Following the heady joy of a Varsity victory, this Saturday the Beds had a relaxing day at the beach. Well, actually it was a game at Haverhill Leisure Centre, but with all of the sand it was hard to tell the difference!

Our first proper away game in a while, piling into cars at Wilby felt a little exciting and new. (Once Chris had given the Landrover the required jump-start of course.) The journey through scenic Cambridgeshire felt short and before we knew it we were adjacent to Cineworld at the pitch. There was some surprise at the sand dunes forming on the edge of the pitch, but we Bedouin tribeswomen felt right at home. More concerning was the rather large hole at one end of the pitch, but the umpires packed it with sand and jumped up and down on it a few times, and seemed happy with it..

We were anxious to maintain the momentum of our season post-varsity and as soon as the whistle went it was clear we would be able to do just that. Haverhill were far from pushovers, but we used our quick passing and cross-pitch transfers to give the inside and high forwards the space they needed. Highlights of the first half include brilliant passing up the line from K-Tom to Louise and up to the forward line, smashing tackles on Haverhill’s breaks from MoM Amy and of course a lovely goal from Ellie Hiskett, helped out by great running from Alice and Rosie.

Half time and it was 1-0 to us, but with only one sub we knew that tiredness might begin to take it’s toll and Haverhill were good enough to take advantage of a five-second weakness. And alas, in the first half, they scored to bring the score to 1-1. However the team quickly decided that this really wouldn’t do, and worked their socks off to score three more goals in the second half. Another from Ellie “GDBO” Hiskett and one each for Rosie Vince and Rachel Brennan. One or two of them were a bit scrappy due to the skill of the Haverhill keeper, but a goal’s a goal. Haverhill had more than a few short corners as the team began to tire, but fantastic running out by Ceit Jesmont and a great clearance by yours truly kept them from the goal. The work rate though the second half was really incredible and we were having shots at goal right until the end.

Tired and happy, we shook the sand from our astros and returned to Wilby. (Many thanks to the kind policeman, passers-by and RAC man for helping me get my precious Landrover mostly back to Wilby. And sorry to Emma and Rachel for you having to walk from the station.)

MOM – Amy Welch

DOD – Margaret Young


14/02/15 Bedouins 1-0 St Ives 2s

 The Beds continued their winning streak (#somebodystopus) with a 1-0 win over St. Ives 2 this week. In a fraught game the Beds worked hard to maintain pressure and looked close to scoring many times. The work rate paid off and Captain Lozza-J got an early goal with some excellent supporting play by Laura Andrews and Rachel Brennan. The second half proved dramatic, almost-as-sassy-as-sassy-fresher Glanfield sustained an injury, after talk of air lifting via helicopter in heroic style she walked off the pitch. Keen to avenge the injury the Beds picked up the pace and after some aggressive attacking play, looked really close to scoring another goal. St Ives fought back just as strong however, and defence were put under a lot of pressure. Juliet and Becky were strong in tackles and managed to maintain control. In the heat of the moment both Seat and Roberto got green carded. The final moments of the game were tense and the result at full tie was a relief all round. In an unprecedented turn of events, neither of the carded players received DoD but Squelch was the unfortunate recipient a second week running, for yet another late/underwear related fiasco with serious questions raided over her ‘extra-curricular activities’. Michelle (, was recognised for her stalwart effort in defence on this most romantic of hockey holidays.

MOM – Juliet Michel

DOD – Amy Welch


07/02/15 Bedouins 5-1 Cambridge South 1s

The Beds continuing their great form had another victory on this weekend (on which there was hockey) against Cambridge South. Strong from the start the Beds got an early lead with flame haired vixen of hockey Hannah Roberts wrong footing the goalie at the post. Continuing the pressure the midfield worked tirelessly moving the play around and the slinky moves paid off as Rachel Brennan made the most of the keepers mistake to bring the score to 2-0. Not to be outdone Hannah Roberts nabbed another goal just before the half time whistle. With Captain Laura Jolley crying passionately on the side lines for her sheer love of “my team, my girls <3” the Beds were in a solid position to start the second half.

Cambridge South pressed hard and were the more dominant team for the first few minutes, and overloaded the defence, managing to get an early goal. Ceit Jesmont and Juliet Michel (Mee-shehl) regained control of the field from defence and with some flair saves from Margaret the Beds began the counter attack. Alice Jones put her leggy legs to good use running rings around Cambridge south and with some excellent supporting play from MoM Laura Andrews, got a fourth goal. The Beds were rewarded minutes later with a short corner and in miraculous fashion, FINALLY scored from a short, with Captain Jolley added to the score sheet. Due to an unfortunate underwear/commando incident (again) Squelch got DoD.

Overlooking this, a slick performance and a great win

MoM – Laura Andrews

DoD – Amy Welch


31/01/15 Bedouins 4-0 March Town 1s

Friday night and the forecast was bleak. With highs of 2 degrees to be expected the following day, accompanied by a steady onslaught of all forms of precipitation, the Beds were not hopeful and concern spread over the fact that, were the match to be called off, Ladrews might have to single-handedly plough through the mountain of baked goods she had lovingly prepared for us. However, for once the early morning match slot paid off and an unexpected delay in the appearance of sleet meant that the game went ahead as planned.

From the very first whistle the Beds established themselves as the dominant team, maintaining possession and rarely being pushed back into our own half. But, unlike in previous weeks, the goals were slow to come. Despite fantastic work up the right hand side from dynamic duo Brennan and Brown and even with numerous short corner attempts within the first 20 minutes, the Beds could not convert. Eventually, in the midst of one particularly scrappy commotion at the keeper’s feet, top goal-scorer and fantasy league favourite, Hannah Brown, swept in to push the ball against the backboard in order to live up to her life philosophy once more (‘give the people what they want’). With a goal in the bag, the team then restarted with greater poise and composure and a second goal – my own flailing whack from top D gracefully tipped in by Brown (of course) – was quick to follow, bringing the score to 2-0 by half time.

In the second half, the freezing rain started plummeting in earnest and although opportunities to score remained rife, a conversion rate to be proud of also remained frustratingly allusive. However, Brown could not rest without at least achieving her habitual hat trick (3-0) before handing over the reins to Hannah Roberto whose emphatic fourth goal well and truly sealed another victory for the Beds. During the subsequent teas, the team reluctantly gave in to Ladrews’ pleas for assistance with eating her marshmallow and weathers originals crispy cakes topped with dark chocolate and crumbled hazelnuts, which tasted really only mediocre at best.

MoM – Rachel Brennan

DoD – Laura Jolley


25/01/15 Bedouins 1-0 Cambridge Nomads 2s

9.30 AM: ‘Ceit, where are you?’…. ‘****. ****, I’ll be there in 20 minutes max!’

After a temporary absence in the first forty minutes of the warm-up and team talk by a certain player, the Bedouins were soon a full team all set for their second match of the 2015 (and the weekend). Following their impressive performance on the Saturday, highlighting what some would refer to as ‘flair’ * hockey, the Bedouins were confident going into their match against the Cambridge Nomad 2s. With their opposition sitting twelfth in the table and Umpire Ken declaring that the frost would not stop play, the Bedouins were looking to live up to Captain Lozza’s outrageous press reports of 10-0 victories. However, all was not well at Wilberfortress on Sunday morning. Despite efforts by Rosie Vince Cable and Hannah Roberto upfront, and passes down the channels by Louise the Vampire Victim and Rackelle, the Bedouins could not display the ‘flair’ hockey they had so beautifully displayed the day before. With a conversion rate of 0% in their short-corners (0/8 converted) and some strong breaks from the Cambridge Nomads, the Bedouins were looking in trouble at half-time. But strong defence from the back-four ensured that the score-line remained 0-0.

After a stern talking to by Captain Lozza-J at half-time (Captain/Coach #notjustaprettyface), the Bedouins were back out in force in the second-half. Despite the increase in work effort and glimpses of ‘flair’ play by Jewels, Squelchy and Wilding to work the ball back up to their forwards, the Nomads were still battling back and Vince Cable’s wild reverse hits were doing more damage to the Nomad’s players rather than the score line. With a worrying break by the Nomads mid-second half it looked like it might be all over for the Bedouins, however Maggie and Seat’s valiant efforts ensured that the player was taken out in her tracks (literally), along with Maggie’s consciousness as she was hurled headfirst into the goal post. **

With the discrete two minute signal exchanged between the two umpires, it looked as though time was up for the Bedouins. Squelchy however remembered that all is not over until the whistle blows, and with this sent a ‘flair’ pass from the right side-line of the Bedouins defensive half (along with a dramatic shout of ‘DON’T WASTE IT!’) to Roberto’s stick. Roberto was way ahead of the game and took a dramatic swing at the moving ball sending it into the right back-hand corner of the pitch, here it was picked up by Vince Cable and passed to the one and only Andy who was positioned beautifully within the D. What happened next felt like an eternity, as the ball slowly rolled into the back of the Nomad’s goal, but it ended with a gentle knock against the backboard and a look of sheer surprise on the face of Captain Lozza-J. The transformation of Lozza-J’s face to sheer elation was followed by the final whistle. The Bedouins had redefined the expression of to, securing a 1-0 victory. It was a lucky day for the Bedouins, however luck will not be enough for the ever closer match against Oxford. Time to step up the play to 100% flair (which includes a 100% conversion rate of shorts) and start living up to Captain Lozza-J’s press reports.

NB: Waking up on time for the match also helps.

MOM: Andy (A.K.A Laura Andrews)

DOD: Seat Jesmont


** Consciousness was not lost, but it gives you a better impression of the impact felt by Maggie. #fabricationforemphasis


24/01/15 Bedouins 6-1 Cambridge City 4s

The beds started off strongly this week with a 3 goals in the first 10 minutes of the game. Hannah R  shortly adding to the tally with a strike from the left. The new rotation scheme devised by laura and lewis was working wonders, and the first half finished 4-0.

After some great team chats everyone remained focused throughout the second half, with another 2 goals, solid defense, some timely saves by Margaret and a heroic deflection of the line from Juliet. The rigorous fitness regime we had all stuck to throughout Christmas had obviously paid off, and the game ended with a clean sheet (apart from one).  Rosie’s air swing mid second half was sure to have landed her DOD for the second time against Cam City, but for some reason she got away with it.

MOM – Hannah Brown

DOD – Hannah Brown


29/11/14 Bedouins 8-0 Cambridge South 2s

Dedication to the Beds was the only quality deducible from my appearance at Long Road Sixth Form on the dot at 9:30am for our face off with Cam South, hot off the train from London and still sporting my LBD – which I fully intended on playing in. Expectations were high for this game with captain Laura informing us that a scoreline of no less than 10-0 would be acceptable, so convinced of this she had boldly boasted to Swinny in a soundbite for the weekend preview.

Seeking to end Michaelmas with a bang, the Beds set to work.

The goals rolled in from the word go, with Hannah B and Andy making some spectacular leads up the left to set us well on our way to achieving our double digit win. An epic flick just hitting the crossbar from Hampel made her hungry for a goal – which was soon achieved. Tight defending from Ceit and Juliet ensured Margaret remained a speck on the horizon bereft of any attackers for company.

You could say our concentration slipped slightly in the second half, Emma W forgetting to press record on an epic time lapse of our performance from the sideline, complete with pantomime reactions from Lewis at some of our near misses and Andy’s aggressive apple consumption. Some fabulous crosses from Louise and Kelly-Ann enabled Hannah R and Laura J to pop a couple in the net, sealing our victory.

MOM – Emma Preston

DOD – Hannah Brown


22/11/14 Bedouins 7-0 Huntingdon 1s

The Bedouin secured another huge win this week against Huntington. The play was attacking from the beginning utilizing the space down both right and left wing. Silky hockey across the midfield meant Huntington rarely had possession. The Bed’s goal-hungry attitude soon paid off scoring early on. Huntington stepped up the pressure but the work-rate of Laura Jolley and Freddie Hampel in the middle meant they never looked threatening. Flawless ‘2 on 1’s’ put Huntington at a loss with their defense scattered everywhere and the Bed’s soon scored again. The second half was a performance to boost fantasy league teams everywhere. The Bed’s continued to dominate, pressuring Huntington with the ball hardly leaving their half. The exact details of the following five goals are a blur but it was basically just great hockey. Scorers were Hannah Brown (2), Hannah Roberts, Rosie Vince (2), Alice Jones, and Laura Jolley. Despite some embarrassing face plants by those who won’t be named to save their embarrassment (Hannah Roberts…) a nipple related incident unjustly sealed the fate of DoD Squelch. Only on ethical grounds did she avoid the jalapeno challenge with Freddie stepping up instead. MoM Louise Whitley put in a fantastic effort but had her crown stolen by the professionalism of Freddie’s competitive eating (clearly not a novice). Overall a strong performance from the Bed’s and admirable Jalapeno eating efforts.

MOM – Louise Whitley

DOD – Amy Welch


8/11/14 Bedouins 6-0 Haverhill Ladies 1s

The Beds went into this game knowing that a win was what was really needed, both in terms of the league table maintaining the intensity of the season following last week’s hard-fought and dramatic draw. A home game and good weather boded well. The team talk was motivational and brief.

The whistle went. And it was clear that the Beds don’t do things half heartedly. Great pressure from the forwards on Haverhill’s pushback gave us possession just after the starting whistle. Smooth passes between midfield and attack waltzed the ball past the dazed defenders; a cracking cross was smashed home past the keeper by the lovely Hannah R on the right post. 1 – 0 up and nearly the whole game to go.

Of course, the Beds always play better after we’ve scored a goal and this game was no exception. Early pressure again, possession again, then another cross. This time hammered home by Hannah B for her first goal of the game. We were 2 – 0 after three minutes of play and we were on fire!

The next ten minutes were beautiful fluid hockey. The ball had several perfect transfers, the leads up front were top notch and Haverhill were outclassed at every turn. Features of this section of play include: two further goals from Hannah B, earning her Man of the Match; truly astounding displays of enthusiasm from Ellie Hiskett up front, worthy of ‘Somebody stop me!’ ; truly astounding displays of skill from Captain Laura Jolley in the centre as she passed three players with a single touch and stunned joy from the defence upon every goal.

During the rest of the second half, Haverhill definitely woke up and stepped up their game. They broke through on several occasions, but the defence held strong even when backed into the corner. Rational decision-making and good supporting play meant their only real chance at goal was a short corner, which was ably defended and the ball taken out of the danger zone. We continued to have chances on goal, but the keeper was making up for the four earlier goals.

At half time, we resolved for a few more goals, knowing that the opposition was going to come out swinging. Just before the whistle went, I, having made the long trek from one goal to the other, notice that I didn’t have my left glove and in the distance was a scrap of orange. My glove. At the wrong end of the pitch. Our erstwhile captain obligingly trotted off the retrieve my missing equipment as the Beds, Haverhill, the supporters and the umpires laughed uproariously. Some might call it carelessness, I call it providing a bit of light entertainment in the lull of sporting action.

For much of the second half, we still had control of the game although never quite as commandingly as we did for the first ten minutes. Strong leads from Haverhill prompted some great channelling and decisive tackles along the defensive line. Half the midfield managed to be everywhere at once, making a tackle on second, shooting on goal the next. Some great work up the lines the half backs Ceit and Juliet kept Haverhill aware of the threat we posed. Two goals in this half, one from a lovely set of open play leading to a perfect shot into the bottom far corner and another from a well executed short-corner.

As time began to tick down, Haverhill’s eyes were on blotting our copybook. Knowing that at 6 – 0 down they were not going to able to take the points, they were gunning for a goal, just one! The defence and I were not going to let that happen. The pressure was intense, with four or five short corners against us in the last ten minutes. Great running from Emma W and Ceit stopped a few at the top of the D, but they got off some worrying shots, which were thankfully saved by yours truly.

Despite the pressure, we continued to pose a threat at the top end of the pitch, missing out on a few chances to make it 6– 0. When the whistle blew, we were just entering their 23 for another attempt.

Overall, a fantastic game for the Beds as a team and amazing individual performances from many. There was delicious cake at match teas, provided by Miss. Hiskett herself, and everyone had definitely earned it. Hopefully our next few matches will go in much the same way!

MOM – Hannah Brown

DOD – Margaret Young


25/10/14 Bedouins 2-5 Cambridge 1s
It was a bright and clear morning on Saturday when the Bedouins came to face Cam South. Their record showed them to be a real challenge, but we had trained hard and hoped to rise to the occasion. The first few minutes showed some promise for the Beds, but soon a high ball found its mark in a Cam South forward who slipped through to score. Our disappointment at conceeding coloured much of the first half and precipitated some confusion in the defense, already under pressure from the unusual formation of our opponents.This lead to the score being 3-0 at half time. Despite this, there was some brilliant play with Harriet Potter driving up the right from the back line and excellent leads from the forwards. We maintained much of the possession but found many shots foiled by a skilled keeperWe returned for the second half more motivated but still slightly off of our game. Despite an incredibly high work rate from the entire team, Cam South continued to hammer away at the goal. More attempts were successfully defended, but they scored twice more. At this point Ellie Hiskett, of rapped speech fame, decided that what really needed to happen for our game to improve was a goal. And so she scored. Immediately we settled down into playing our hockey. There were smooth transfers across the back, brilliant small group plays, great leads and fantastic tackles. Hiskett scored again from a short corner and proudly called for three more in the short time remaining.
Alas, that did not occur and despite a short corner for the Beds at full time the score stood at 2 – 5 to Cam South
Ellie was rightly awarded MoM. DoD was awarded for being blown over by the wind during training. (GK kit increases surface area but not mass, so it was clearly the kit’s fault!)

MOM – Ellie Hiskett

DOD – Margaret Young


18/10/14 Bedouins 4-1 March Town 1s

Lewis was almost crying with delight at the play on display from the Beds this Saturday. In an unprecedented display of unity this early on in the season the team were playing in perfect harmony with sweeping passes, tight ball handling and impressive fitness. Appart from a few mishaps and one good player in the March team (who scored their one goal) the beds had 90% of the possession and despite lost shinpads mid tackle (Emma) a sneeze that nearly knocked us all over (Margret) and me cartwheeling over an opponent’s stick earning me DOD, the play was strong. All we can hope now is that we can maintain this formidable start for the rest of the season.

MOM – Ellie Hiskett

DOD – Rosie Vince


11/10/14 Bedouins 3-0 Cambridge City 4s

We knew we were onto a good thing when Lisa forgot to bring a hockey stick and yours truly forgot to turn up (bad move, I know). In spite of this somewhat rocky start the Beds still managed to play some really good hockey, and by half time we were one goal up, woohoo! Things for us just got better and better when some Haribo Minions appeared on the scene, but keeping her cool in the euphoria of such confectionary our sage captain pointed out that we couldn’t afford to be complacent at this stage because the first half had actually proved quite tight. We dominated more in the second half, and by the end Cam City just clearly couldn’t keep up with our out of this world fitness levels. There was an absolute cracker from Laura J, the classic whack from top D straight past the keeper, the kind of goal us hockey players dream about. I feel like Alex and Lisa should also have a mention for scoring, really cementing the Beds victory 3-0. Final congratulations go to Pandora for being the first person who’s ever tried to shower with her clothes on.

MOM – Laura Jolley

DOD – Plum King


04/10/14 Bedouins 3-3 City of Peterborough 3s

This week we made the intrepid journey north to the town of P’boro. The Beds were out in force this week securing a 3-3 draw in what the umpires described as ‘a lovely piece of hockey’. City of P’boro scored first but the Beds using their advantage of youth and vitality quickly equalised with a deflection from Michelle. A second goal from P’boro followed, equalised by a cross d flick from Laura A leaving the score at 2-2, half time. 
The second half saw another goal from Michelle. The team kept up pace and worked hard to the end with some excellent pieces of play. 
Despite being beaten to the ground by the opposition, our new American friend Michelle was both pleased and confused when she went on to be nominated as M.O.M which she interpreted as ‘mom’. Emma (Wildy) revived D.O.D for shrieking ‘Kelly Annnnnneeeeee’ like she was on Eastenders and asking if Plum was spelt with a b.

MOM – Michelle

DOD – Emma Wildy


27/09/14 Bedouins 9-3 Cambridge Nomad 2s

The Bedouin were off to a great start this season with a win against the Cambridge Nomads of 9-3. With a whole host of new players and many picking up a hockey stick for the first time since June we weren’t sure how we would fair against the Nomads. Indeed with a rather tragic own goal in the first five minutes things weren’t looking too promising. But as we learned each others strengths, and crucially names, we came together and after a pep talk from captain Laura and coach Lewis, we were easily dominating the game by the second half with Jo and Catrin both scoring hat tricks and some amazing runs down the pitch from Alice and Louise.

MOM- Alice Pavey

DOD- Abby Brown


2013/14 Match Reports
18/01/14 Cambridge University Bedouins vs Cambridge City (1-3)

Saturday’s game was the first match played with a full squad in 2014. We felt like we’d finally recovered from Thursday night. Apart from Ceit who was still missing part of her tooth.
We also all adorned our new stash for the first time, and what a majestic sight we were. However we also knew our aesthetic quality would not guarantee us a win and from the first whistle we were all over Cam City. We pressed hard and kept the pressure on.

Liv kept sending cracking balls into the D which were chased mercilessly by Tash and Becky. Attempt after attempt was made at goal but to no avail. Unfortunately Cam City was smacked a lucky ball down the pitch resulting in a short corner and ensuing goal. However, the Beds are not a team that shies away from a challenge and after the second push back of the match we were on top of them again. Time after time again Cam City were forced to play on the backfoot whilst we closed in like greedy sharks around them. Eventually our hard work paid off and a goal was scored by our captain, Miss Ellie Hiskett who hoofed it into the top left corner. When asked about her goal in an after match interview she stated: ‘I just got really angry’

However another lucky ball down pitch resulted in them scoring a second goal. At half time the score was not reflective of the game we had played. However the statistics were:
– Over 72% of play occurred in their half
– Beds had 12 shots on goal vs. Cam City’s 2
– Beds had 69% of possession vs. Cam City’s 31%

Even more worryingly was the fact there were no jelly babies to cheer us up.
We played another solid second half but just couldn’t secure another goal. Becky worked tirelessly at the back, distributing some great balls wide to Freddie and Georgia who made great use of the wings. Kate and Catrin worked tirelessly in midfield. There was only one player on the team who didn’t give it her all: Ceit Jesmond who spent the entire time failing to make easy tackles, passing the ball to the opposition, and just generally causing havoc on the pitch.

Although some great hockey was played on Saturday the final score was 3-1. As Ellie rightly considered at the end – perhaps our loss could be blamed on the fact we’re just too used to winning? When our heads went down, our hockey went down. Hopefully this match will serve as a reminder that great stash does not make us undefeatable, sometimes we will have to battle for our victories and we can’t lose our heads.
MoM – Ceit Jesmond (sympathy vote)
DoD – Rosie Coombe (for having an inquisitive mind)


11/01/14 Cambridge University Bedouins vs Cambridge South (2-2)

The first match of term promised to be an epic one for the Bedouins. Or Bedo-wins. Unfortunately, with only 10 players the prospect of a win seemed less than likely. Cam South are a strong side and we knew it would be a tough match. With a goal scored against us in the first play of the game we felt defeated and deflated before the match really got under play. Then we remembered that we are epic, and decided not to lose. Haggie haggled her way to an equalising goal, and the fight was on. For brief moments I thought we were going to have a bedowin (this is my favourite pun, get used to it), and return to our leading place on top of the table. But alas, we’re confined to different table tops,  for this week at least. As the game continued we played some remarkable hockey, and it was an even match, the only way we remembered we were a man down was that we were running a lot more than usual. Thankfully the Christmas fitness programme which was followed religiously by each member of the team has paid off. In fact, we were really grateful to have such a detailed and strenuous workout plan over Christmas…  Although a certain Bedouin was told to “play outside” when she woke her parents early morning with her insanity workout. Our two forwards of the day, Jo and Tash ran as if zombies were chasing them, constantly pressurizing the defence. At the half time whistle we were 2-1 down but still very much in the game. MOM- Salty- kept us there with phenomenal saves; graceful yet powerful. Salt even received “credit” from Cam South’s forwards “the nice one” and “Hug”. Credit was also given to the stick skills displayed by Jizzy and Haggie on the left. Personally I’m not sure if it was skills or poor tackling from South.  She taught some moves to whip out on the d-floor. Our Vice-captain proposed a (genius) reshuffle of positions, that proved to lift our level of hockey even higher, and it wasn’t long after that our veteran scorer Leeped towards the net and equalized. The score gives little credit to the attacking team and the wonderful game hockey that was played. It wouldn’t have been a Bedouins game had the last 5 minutes not been excruciatingly tense, with 3 short corners against us (some dodgy calls, but since the umpiring had been very much in our favour the rest of the game we thought it best not to complain). First one- saved by Hampel’s body. (Whilst it is common knowledge Hampel has a lovely body that most find hard to resist, Cam South certainly did and just couldn’t stop firing at her.) Second one- saved, with a near blow to the head for Howard. Third one- whistle blows, and we think “they bloody better not score now”. They didn’t.

Final Score: 2-2. (Haggie, Leeper)

MOM- Vicky Salt (for her first class goal keeping)

DOD- Anna Robinson (for being friendly and in no way a dick)


23/11/13 Cambridge University Bedouins vs Newmarket (2-1)

This week Ellie Hisket’s team of goddesses faced our toughest game. Newmarket 1s are currently top of the league, and after destroying their 2s 10-0 in a previous game we knew they would come at us hard. But the beds are used to hard things coming at them, so we were prepared. There were 2 reasons we wanted to win this game: 1. to hear Ellie rap her speech at Christmas dinner and 2. to see Ellie join the Squanderers’ naked run- an event we are all looking forward to. Some more than others.

We were motivated and prepared for a victory and we didn’t give up until we got one. Lewis on the other hand was not quite as calm. Our well dressed umpire nearly sending him off within 3 mins of play. (Can a coach get carded? I dunno, but I do know he definitely got yelled at.) Newmarket dominated most of the first half, and despite the Beds playing some excellent hockey we went down 1-0 (in a very unlucky moment of defending). Newmarket attacked hard, and they were unlucky not to score from several skilful shots. Unlucky that Margaret (MOM 1) was in goal, waiting to exterminate any shots, moving so around the net quicker than a weeping angel. Her ability to deal with any sort of biggling was indispensable this game.

The first half was good it’s the second half you want to hear about. Newmarket have described it as, “it was like someone had turned on the ‘wake up’ switch.” (The secret is jelly babies and some good half time motivational speeches from the captain). We made “clever runs”, some excellent work around the back with plenty of pivoting from Rosie in the centre. Rosie’s pivoting skills come from a lifetime of ballet class, she is performing in a rendition of Swan Lake this Christmas- make sure you check it out! The Bedouins dominated, and were in complete control of the game. Newmarket made the occasional break but nothing our MOM 2 Becky Howard couldn’t deal with. Becky is our most talented player at stopping breakaways, run aways etc. She hopes to use this transferrable skill in her future career as a prison guard.

It didn’t take long for our control to pay off, and in typical Bedouin style we scored from a corner with a beautiful strike from Tash. With an even score the beds knew victory was in sight, and our level of hockey raised yet another step. Remembering everything we’d learnt in training, and obviously benefitting from our “Insane” fitness day the pace of the game increased to a level Newmarket struggled to keep up with. After a series of beautiful runs down the wing from both Tash and Jo we won another penalty corner, and from that scored again! 2-1 up and victory was ours. Newmarket have described this as a “goal followed by absolute elation from the uni side”.

We Bedouins don’t keep our celebrations quiet. Great play continued, with Newmarket attempting some counter attacks, but there was no way we were going to let this victory go, and we didn’t.Known for world cup finishes and world cup celebrations, we were very very excited to hear the full time whistle blow.

DOD – Anna Robinson

MOM – Margaret and Becky


09/11/13 Cambridge University Bedouins vs St Ives (3-1)

Our match this week was away in St Ives. It all started a little bit off schedule… I bumped into Anna wandering along Barton road looking for a car. For various car company related issues and having not brought her passport or driving license (serious call for DOD nomination here!!!) the car was a no go and 5 girls had to cycle to bus it to St Ives from Cambridge centre. All good fun and nothing could put a dampener on the Bedouins storming desire to win and enthusiasm for a good game of hockey. All very much needed as we shivered our way onto a freezing cold pitch where we would be hammered with cold rain mid match. To prevent too much suspense from building amongst my readers we got a brilliant 3-1 win.

The match started with a slight lack of structure in the team, something which has become a rarity. It took us a while to settle down and relax into the game. Communication was good all the way through the game and lots of support helped to build up unity and consequently results throughout the team. The opposition, although occasionally quick on the attack left some gaping holes in defence which we utilised with some good transfer play and long balls up the line and via Ellie, who was playing CM. Following a number of great pieces of attacking play coming up both the right (Tash) and left wings (Jo) and some breath takingly close attempts at goal Tash stepped up and wapped out her sneaky super quick roll out and whacked the ball which went whistling past my head into the back of the net. 1-0!!

After half time the opposition came back with a goal but we weren’t to be discouraged. There was a feeling of slight panic as the cold rain began and the tension in the D was enormous, a number of attempts just saved by the opposition. The ball was cleared giving us a long corner and an opportunity to build up the play we have been working hard on in training. Following a beautiful feed into the D and an ineffectual tackle from the opposition the goalie was down and a clean sweep into the goal from Becky (me) gave us a lead of 2-1.

This still wasn’t enough and along with encouraging shouts from Captain Ellie, of ‘You’re great at hockey!’ the next brilliant goal came from Catrin who deflected with extraordinary expertise a lifted cross from Tash. Practically Andy Murray in it’s connection, the ball smashed past the Goalie. 3-1!!! YIPPEE!

A very happy and very long match tea followed with a delicious Guinness and chocolate cake made by Anna (such healthy hockey food) (also slightly compensated for DODness) and numerous cups of tea. Another win for the Bedouins!!

… And another rash statement from the captain: ‘If we are unbeaten till Christmas I will rap the Christmas dinner speech and join the naked run’ Get excited boys.

Scorers: Tash (1) Becky (1) Catrin (1)

MoM: Ceit Jesmont

DoD: Becky Haggie

HoD (Hero / hottie of day) (self-appointed): Anna Robinson


02/11/13 Cambridge University Bedouins vs Newmarket (10-0)

This week the Bedouins were away at Newmarket. After a slightly shaky start with a few wild passes and some excellent footballing skills from the Captain, we settled into the game and soon were putting the pressure on. It wasn’t long before the Lisa opened the goal scoring with her signature flick into top corner. The opposition immediately pushed back hard but any chance of them reaching our 25 was quickly shut down by strong defence from Becky, Juliet and Ceit.

With great linking play down the right from Kate and Lisa, the goals started coming thick and fast from Hannah, Liv, Tash and Ellie. Tash then earned DOD after flopping on top of the goalie as though she was a mattress forming a defender-goalie-attacker sandwich. The goalie was clearly not too impressed by this move and later got revenge in the form of a stick across the wrist.
By the second half we could do no wrong, with text book weaves down the centre of the pitch and balls sent out wide from the defence rapidly moving down the pitch in three easy passes. Lisa continued to play through the opposition as though they weren’t there, earning MoM through her ability to be in more than one place at once, one moment feeding the ball into the opposition’s D, the next clearing it from our own. Clearly Thursday’s fitness session was effective. 2 more goals each for Lisa and Tash took the score to 9-0 and the game was finished on a high with a great cross into the D and Jo putting the ball away in the far corner.

Final score 10-nil. The stiffest competition of the day was for DoD. Nominations included Hannah for asking ‘how did you make that bagel?’ and ‘what is an AGM?’, and for Ellie for referring to Jo as ‘a relic’.

Final words from the Captain ‘We are Goddesses’

Scorers: Lisa (3), Tash (3), Ellie, Hannah, Liv, Jo
MoM: ‘Legs’ Lisa
DoD: Tash


26/10/13 Cambridge University Bedouins vs Huntingdon (2-1)

After a week of team bonding and intense fitness training the Beds were ready to bounce back from their first defeat of the season with a win. New kit called for pre-match photos courtesy of Anna and her (if incredibly slow) camera.

The Beds looked strong straight from the whistle and Jo scored within the first few minutes to quickly establish a 1-0 lead. Work on our structure clearly paid off, and the second goal came in quick succession thanks to Lisa’s awesome reverse flick into the top left-hand corner past the reach of the keeper.  2 goals within the first 4 minutes looked like a promising sign for things to come. However, after the initial shock to the system the opposition began to settle, managing to break through the defence and claim a goal back towards the end of the first half.

With half time refuelling came some minor changes on the pitch, as certain players began to struggle with fresher flu like symptoms. In the second half our superior skill was perfectly demonstrated by Rosie, who rolled out and split through the middle of two of the opposition leaving them stunned in awe. Despite great attacking play and more chances from Jo, Tash and Catrin, we were unable to extend our lead any further and the final score remained 2-1.

MoM – Lisa, for that goal.

DoD – Louise, for maintaining her track record at hockey related socials by failing to make post-initiation Cindies.


19/10/13 Cambridge University Bedouins vs Cambridge City 3's (0-2)

With a brand new squad, the Beds arrived at one of the multiple astros in the Leys School area, feeling confident in their unbeaten season so far. After a thorough warm up led by Ellie, that proved too much of a workout for some (Liv) and some pretty serious yoga stretching- we were ready to play.

The opposition came out hard, working the defense and midfield back into our half for the majority of the game. Despite some incredibly persistent defensive work from Ceit at left back, the opposition were strong and if it wasn’t for some fantastic goalkeeping by Vicky we would have probably been a few more down by half time.However, despite numerous defensive short corners we only conceded one goal, and although heads went down, as Ellie said at half time this was definitely premature as we had time to get it back. Therefore after some jelly baby re-fuelling we were back onside.

In the second half we definitely picked up our play and were making a lot more breaks down the middle of the pitch, there was some really promising play once the forwards got the ball, and Ellie, Tash and Jo created some good opportunities that just missed out on goal.As legs got tired, we weren’t quick enough to set up, whilst the opposition had a particularly good press, making it difficult again for the defense to get it out and up the field. Hence we conceded a second goal, making the final score 0-2.

After a particularly poor turn out at shower club, all was not lost because Ellie bought caterpillar birthday cake for everyone.

MoM- Becky Howard, for great defensive work

DoD- Georgia, for not understanding the mechanics of an ice pack and cycling into both a wall and a drain enroute to Wilberforce- gourmet-bar-and- cafe


12/10/13 Cambridge University Bedouins vs Cambridge South (3-3)

With a 15 strong team the beds arrived at Wilby fortress ready to do battle following a successful result against local rivals Cambridge nomads last weekend. Arriving upbeat wanting to prove they are the strongest Cambridge Team.

It was a slow start, cambs south capitalised on this pressing hard which lead to them finishing 2 early goals putting the beds on the back foot. This didn’t last long though, with a trademark touch and goal from beds veteran Jo Leeper showing how it should be done.

With Cambridge South pressing hard Anna Robinson showed she can literally play every position including goal keeper swooshing in and batting the ball away in mid-air.

Shape formed and with the beds going into half time feeling positive, Coach Kelsey-Foreman introduced a 4 point plan of action.

2nd half

With the beds refreshed thanks to 12 man ’roundtrees jelly babies’ the beds settled quickly and after some amazing link play captain Ellie Hiskett found herself with the ball at the top D. With a wind up the ball took a very unorthodox route to goal looping over the south goalie and bouncing into the top left corner. Bringing the score equal!!

It became a game of tennis hockey with both teams pushing and creating options in the Ds’ but it was the beds who broke the deadlock with some great build up play on the break with a threaded passed from Tash Charlesworth to Becky Hagggie who slipped the ball pass the approaching keeper.

3-2 BEDS

With the lead and under 5 minutes left coach Kelsey-foreman was on the edge of his seat as beds won a late ‘PC’ with the comment of ‘it’s like watching England in penalties’. Totally forgetting the scored stood at 3-2 and not 2-2, thanks to Jo Leeper for spotting this error.

With less than a minute to go coach Kelsey-Foreman, thought the Beds had it wrapped up with a 2 out of 2 record. However with 15 seconds to go this dream was crushed as Cambridge South finished a well executed goal to level the match 3-3.

Scorers- Jo Leeper, Ellie Hiskett, Becky Haggie

MOM- Anna Robinson.

DOD- Lewis Kelsey-Foreman


05/10/13 Cambridge University Bedouins vs Cambridge Nomads (4-1)

On a ridiculously early morning on Saturday the Beds took on the Cambridge Nomads (?!)as the first opponents of the year. Despite it being a scratch team with lots of lovely new faces (and some old ones) we got into our match quickly. Ellie scored the first goal: Standing alone in front of the keeper, she put the ball in cold blood into the opponents’ goal. Georgia, man of the match, and Becky H did particularly well after that for the rest of the match, especially because they were playing outside positions. Tash scored the second goal, which was a relief since we were wasting too many chances. Our short corner turnover rate was particularly sobering, possibly due to a looong vacation. Fortunately we scored enough in game situations to make up for our deficit in short corner goals: Liv got her first goal fro CUHC in the ten minutes before the half time break. Towards the end of the first half our confident play became a bit shakier, however our goalkeeper Margret cleared all dangerous situations so that our dominance in the first half was never really endangered.
The second half was less eventful. We were trying hard but we couldn’t finish. Save that we had what felt like 30 goal-scoring chances through short corners and I made myself DOD (dick of the day) by shooting a deflected ball far above a fence, meaning it was lost, not much happened. But finally Ellie scored by defecting a powerful strike from Tash into the corner of the goal. After that it didn’t really matter that we gave away one goal towards the end due to carelessness. Final result 4:1. Last but not least: Happy Birthday, Becky!


DOD     Lisa Sweering


With a storm of versatility, a fresh breeze and a some fiery hockey the bedouins’ third game v Oundle was their first clean slate! Becky had challenged us to break the 3-2 with a third goal at the last minute tradition, and break it we did! (Perhaps due to Oundle having a different goalie, but most likely cause we’re awesome.) The bed’s keep getting better and better at hockey (and in bed) with a 7 goal improvement in a few weeks (0-4 to 3-0!!). So much better that some of the team think we could beat the Nomads… In fact our play was so dominant this week that Margaret (the goalie) had to do star jumps to keep alive, awake, alert and enthusiastic.

Quinta demanded that if Lewis wanted to see another goal scored he should put her on. He laughed at this idea (as the ever supportive coach) but gave her a chance. So, in her ever gracious and gratefull style our little pussy picked up some balls, thanked the other team for and went flying towards goal! Darcy, the sensible member of the team…congratulated Quinta for scoring and told her “once you pop you just can’t stop”. We’re not sure what she meant by that…

There was a lot of falling over this match. Probably cause there was a lot of rain. Fresh fell over. Claire fell over. Le Dragon always falls over. Fresh fell over with a stick in-between her legs! Thankfully though, Tank didn’t fall on any of us.

We’ve put a lot of practice into our short corners, partially to spite Chris’s criticism of them, partially to make us more epic. It’s a good job we did, cause we’d more than a few! The newest addition, mooshooo saw Claire have some phenomenal shots, but sadly she didn’t manage to get the glory! It’s important to remember that while Claire moved up to grapple for glory, Fresh and Skins had it covered.

This was third time still lucky for us, and Oundle will never want to play us again! Our win, and the excellent hockey gave us something to celebrate at Christmas dinner. And we celebrated in style!!

MOM: le dragon & Quinta
DOD: Anna


After our first encounter with the team from Oundle (ending with a world cup win and human pyramid) we knew they would come back with a vengeance. But no one can stop a bedouin from getting what she wants, and we all wanted another win! This is our story, or at least part of it with a few funny Annadotes. (get the pun?) Some mad woman decided on a ridiculous 9am meet which meant *most* of us arrived bang on time but some of us weren’t so happy about it. Except Claire, she was too happy! DoD nominees for arriving late Marlos (who didn’t hear her alarm), Versatile (who didn’t know what time to meet) and Quinta (who lost her bike) and our DoD, who admittedly over reacted to the cheery Claire (although we’re all glad she’s
returned to us) when she was just really annoying…

Holding on to the fact that we were younger, fitter and of course more attractive than our opposition we started high tempo and kept the pace throughout the game. Playing the most stylish hockey that’s ever been played on Wilby the beds’ stand in captain Skipsey put the first ball in the net. Followed by a “world class” goal when Miss Pussy scored! Quinta’s
unjustified astonishment that followed was one for the books “was that a goal?!?… :O …I scored a goal?!!” What’s surprising is that she only scored one, with the number of perfect leads, and pin point positioning she had throughout, earning her joint MoM. WIth a dangerous strike from our opponents that nearly slayed our dragon and some poor umpiring Oundle were
given a point on the score board. Which of course made le dragon breathe fire, but there’s no arguing with the umpire.

Last week I dedicated a section to our wonderful defence and even though the dream team were split up (the meerkat is injured and fresh is moving up in the world) the skilz were so sick I just gotta mention it. They successfully defended a multitude of shorts, of which there were 4 in a row. But to quote East “We’re so sick it didn’t matter”. Wow. It’s almost as if they were kicking the ball on purpose cause they liked the challenge. The arrival of a special spectator made a particular bedouin bring her A game. Le Dragon, who knows how to handle a stick and ball, set up the perfect play for Tash, earning her joint MoM. Tash’s return from injury in her first game for the beds this season came with a bang! A bang on the backboard that yelled “BOOM! That’s how it’s done!” Our MoM was disappointed she didn’t score this game, but she did score that evening. (for more information see General_Baz #thelairofspours). Bambi was our usual rock at the back, chasing the runners, making some perfect tackles and picking up any break away players (although we all know Bambi prefers to be picked up. By the manly kind.)

The Beds just keep getting better and better! We’re going up, and before long we’ll have a song to go with our pyramid. Incase you’re wondering we did whoop out the human pyramid after our win. And again in Life on Sunday when an unexpected reunion led to a demanding meerkat yell “Beds assemble!”. JP joined in too.

MoM: Quinta and Le Dragon. DoD: Anna.


After last week’s epic World Cup win the Bedouins’ has a lot to live up to, and of course we did so in style! An early start, a long drive, a suspicious looking “Hotel Tease II” and propositions from a certain bedouin who enjoys sleepovers (in the biblical sense) made the journey to Spalding almost as dramatic as the time Lewis nearly killed an old lady (topped off by some high class mix-tapes by Anna, aka DJ Fresh). The first five minutes didn’t begin with the same snap, crackle and pop as you’d expect, but we settled into our game, putting into practice everything from training and the pressure was on. Not forgetting the roll outs, pass backs and ‘the half court press’ discussed in our official team meeting! With Ellie whooping out some of her usual flair she put a cracker goal on the score card, warranting a beautiful rendition of “would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?”. In typical bedouin style a goal in the net helped increase the tempo and we upped our game and really began to dominate! Not long before our M.O.M put another one in and we were 2-0 up. A dubious goal by Spalding made it 2-1 but despite a moment of high pressure the defence held and no more balls hit the backboard. Or the net. Speaking of defence, let’s dedicate some time to the phenomenal work from the back four! The 3 goals scored is credit enough to our amazing attackers. There was tackling, and intercepting and hitting. It was like nothing you’d ever seen on a hockey pitch. The fantastic four (Bambi, Dragon, Fresh and the Meerkat) was broken up briefly when Le Dragon (Yes it is her real name. No she did not steal it from Swinn when she got with him.) was hit with her least favourite kind of stick and fell to the ground clutching her ankle. But fear not, part-time defender Katherine, aka Versatile Message stepped up, or dropped back, from Left Wing to Right Back! (Katherine would like to point out Lewis’ unusual decisions to ensure everytime she is brought on to the pitch it was as far away as possible from her previous position…) Cause we like mixing it up, and with the Nomads stealing our wizard of a defender, Anna, the not-so-resident left back, whooped out some epic defensive work (as always) sacrificing her nails and her bottom to protect that goal! *applause* It wasn’t long before Le Dragon’s magic worked and she was healed and back on the pitch in style! The dragon’s flight up the pitch, so firey no one could catch her and she used sick skillz and gave the perfect pass leading to yet another goal from Joe! Le Dragon takes full credit for the goal. Whilst she can take no credit for any goal Bambi can take most of the credit for the lack of concessions. A rock at the back of the pitch, and ready to prance towards any incoming attack Bambi was unstoppable! With encouraging cheering from the Nomads we finished the match on a high and with a win! I could go on about the skilz of the beds, and our wanderful shape and successful play, but that’d take all day. We’ve finally found our form and have jumped up to fourth place. Next week Oundle (can someone say that in a Northern Irish accent, I don’t know how to say it?!) will suffer the greatest defeat of their lives!

MOM= Joe DOD= Anna (for some unknown reason)


The last time that the Beds played away against Oundle saw a chaotic journey in which everyone got so chronically lost that the team arrived an hour late, with five minutes to start the match, and in the course of which Lewis almost ran-over an unsuspecting Granny as she made her way over a zebra crossing. Needless to say, on embarking upon the same trip this year, there was a certain amount of apprehension, particularly from those lucky enough to be in the Lewis-mobile.

A smooth and successful car journey ensued and consequently set the positive precedent for what proved to be a smooth and successful game. The team started play with an impressive energy, working together seamlessly, and holding great shape. Surprisingly for all involved (especially Oundle) Oundle scored the first goal, the product of a lucky break and some dodgy reff-ing, and this saw Coach Lewis shouting at the forwards to ‘get back up the bloody pitch’ and captain Becky hollaring at centre forward Ellie: ‘RUN
PUDDING, RUN’. A brief scuffle in the D culminating in Lauren neatly slipping the ball onto an Oundle foot, meant that we had a short corner. This was dealt with efficiently as Lisa striked the ball expertly and Ellie deflected it into the net, meaning that we equalised 1-1 at the end of the first half, whilst being serenaded by Message and Anna shouting ‘Puds scores’. The whistle blew and happy half-time praises and brief session of ‘quick feet’ rallied us for round two of the battle. Oundle scored again. It sounds unlikely but this was also a fluke from a team that was undeniably weaker than we were. However, we need not have worried. At 2-1 down Lisa Swe, no doubt feeling the looming pressure of the potential for another loss at the hands of an average side, morphed into a stick-weilding, ball-attracting godess. Making effortless pass after casual tackle, time and time again Lisa zoomed down the pitch at proceeded to
bombard Oundle’s keeper with bullet-hard balls. Unsurprisingly this resulted in an impressive goal and Lisa achieving an extremely well-earned Man of the Match. Entertainment from Lisa, however, was not yet at an end, when, in attempting to stop an aerial from Oundle’s hit-out, she volleyed the ball, was given a yellow card, and, like all good performers, made a dramatic (although undesired) exit- what a diva. The drama was still far from over. Having estabished a 2-all status and lost Lisa, the pressure was mounting. Ellie earnt herself Dick of the Day by (in the heat of the moment playing on the Oundle astros, having gone to Oundle school) cheering for
the opposite side and bellowing ‘COME ON OUNDLE’! No more goals were scored for a while despite some amazing play from Jo and Darcy, and a solid save from Margret, and the refs warned that we had one minute of play left.

Fortunately an Oundle defense’s stumble over the ball meant that we had a post-time short corner. We were drawing: there was everything to play for. Surrounding the D and enthused with a shout of ‘let’s do it for Le Dragon’ Lisa’s strike was deflected perfectly by Jo and we had won 3-2.

Yes ladies and Gents, this was the Bed’s first win of the season, but it was well-deserved, well earned, and all the goals were pretty. Our
excitement following the game could possibly have been described as disproportionate: Oundle were less than impressed as we whipped out an extravagant and impressingly long-lasting human pyramid. However everyone played well and we felt we deserved to celebrate; a shout-out must go to the gals on the bottom of the pyramid who did a sterling job holding the rest of us up.

Man of the match: Lisa
Dick of the Day: Ellie


Saturday was, as you are all aware, too cold to play hockey. Not even the fire in Dragon’s belly could warm the team up… ha. But we tried anyway, and didn’t play too badly, in fact, there were some moments of brilliance. We finally looked like we were meant to be there with our trendy shirts, and Cnl Lewis had enforced a ‘no chit-chat’ policy, in order to focus us pre-match so we didn’t lose… No comment. There were also, of course, some moments of heroism. It seems the Beds can’t get through a match without someone getting hit in the groinal/ bottomnal area. Ellie ‘Pudding’ Hiskett took a ball to the right bum cheek which has, I can confirm, resulted in a
worthy bruise; Claire ‘too soon for a human pyramid?’ Jordan sustained an astro-burn to the bum; and Dragon soldiered on after a ball to the knee. There was also a scary moment for all when Message came on at centre-back. Many thought Lewis was joking. He was not. However, the change lasted for but a minute, and normal order was resumed with the hero of the hour exiting the field with a clean sheet. I thank you. It is probably fair to say that many umpiring decisions did not go our way. In fact, Dr (Mrs) Lane, a hockey watching veteran who had made a guest appearance along with her husband, Dr (Mr) Lane, commented that ‘The umpire blew the whistle every time your team got the ball, is that the game?’ The umpires did, though, offer some helpful advice to Captain Lane; to head for the goal at the other end of the pitch… Man of the Match was a nearly unanimous vote for Hettie, and because we’re such a loving group of galz, there were no DoD nominations. Personally, I think it should have gone to Dragon, who has known some Wanderers, in the biblical sense.


13th October 2012 The first Away Match So as the title may suggest, Saturday was our first awaymatch of the season so promised to be a special one. The first surprise of the day was when Miss Robinson came prepared for a trip to Cornwall, and was utterly depressed when she found that we were not going to surfing land. However she and the rest of the team who was loaded up into Lewis’s car got even more depressed when Lewis proclaimed that no way in his right mind would be voluntarily spend that much time with us… It’s nice to know that we have a coach that loves us dearly. So when the journey was under way and nearing a supposed end, we were found to be in the middle of nowhere! Lewis had decided to drive through and then out of St Ives… So I came to the rescue! Making use of the Iphone I got the Sat Nav up to direct us to The St Ivo Leisure Centre, and we got there in record time. Only to discover that I sent us to the indoor one, this prompted Lewis to say angry things and immediately sped off in the opposite direction (fortunately not killing any grandmothers in the process) and got us to the pitch with just over ten minutes till push back.

The pitch could only be described as a green beach (Words of miss Robinson) in a ditch, however we got on with our warm up until push back was called when we were all mid-lunge. Which was not ideal! The game started and we had a good formation set up, the ball was moving fast (despite the shocking pitch) and well around the pitch, until Miss Message received the ball just outside of the 25 and made proper use of space (chris would have been proud), and inevitably scored with a sensational hit. Unfortunately the game was very stop start as contact or obstruction was called when you were within about a metre of the opposing team! Half time came as the name discussion was on the old woman who was ridiculously fast for her age. The second half proved to be tense, the score eventually came to 2-2 and Lewis then compared the last ten minutes to watch England in the world cup final on penalties. Unfortunately we were not able to score, which left us at a draw. However Since it was Ellie’s birthday, the cake we got afterwards made up for this fact.

The End.


This Saturday saw at least half the team end up on the ground; highlights being a heroic lying down tackle from Bex, and a somewhat less heroic but equally dramatic stick in the groin incident for an unjustly elected DoD… The Beds improved as the game went on, getting back on level terms twice but, alas, not thrice. However, the pain was lessened by a good amount of garlic bread at teas but, unfortunately for Ellie, no dessert. She really does love a pudding. Accolades: MoM— Lauren (3) Bex (2) Hettie & Becky (1); Double goal-scorer— Maddi Un-accolades: DoD- not important, everyone’s a winner.


The Beds faced Rutland in their first (and last…) Cupmatch of the season on Saturday. With even one substitute, things looked promising to start. Unforunately, Rutland were a much stronger side than we had faced the weekend before. The first half started slow and the Beds took a while to get into their stride. In the meantime Rutland managed to score a very sneaky goal. WIth plenty of sugar at half time and an attempted Lewis style (Currently on holiday in Vienna but wishing us good luck through the means of twitter…) motivational speech we went back on for the second half and hit the ground running. The last half an hour of the match saw some impressive movement and communication around the pitch, with the pace picking up a well. Unfortunately we were unlucky to end 1-0 down but we head to Rutland in a couple of weeks for another showdown in which we will no doubt not have similar fate…

DoD: Becky…because there was nobody else…
MoM : Sophie C (3)
Jo (1), Darcy (1), Bex (1)


After polishing off five short corner routines and many introductions of newcomers to the team, the Beds took to the pitch against Huntingdon for their first match of the season. Unfortunately however last minute shirt changes and the stark realisation that none of us knew exactly where we were playing meant that the match started fairly slowly. Although our organisation on the pitch lacked somewhat, luckily we found that the average age of the opposition being in their 40s would prove advantageous in the long run. After a hesitant start we began to move the ball around the pitch well and with some shouting from Lewis on the sideline, the defence began to resemble some degree of formation. Throughout the match the Beds began to gel as a team and use the wings to make space. After a 2-2 half time score and a motivating half time talk from Lewis (and no doubt a sugar rush from the Haribo supply), the Beds returned determined to up the pace. The defence grappled with pivoting at the back and we began to clear the ball out and up the wings. The midfield worked hard to create a solid backbone and those upfront shifted the ball impressively in the D to slip it cheekily behind the keeper. The Beds kept the pressure on right until the end whistle, coming out with a 5-2 win. Although there was clearly much left to work on in the upcoming sessions as a pre-trial match with a mixture of players with many out of position, the performance was encouraging and leaves high hopes for the rest of the season.

MoM : Liv FG, Jo L, Sophie M
DoD : Liv FG (for her full-time comment ‘5-2?  Is that to them?’)


No match report.


Game foreited