Sports Bursaries

We realise that playing university sport can be expensive. However, many colleges in Cambridge have bursaries that they allocate each year to assist students. Please find below a comprehensive table of details listed by college (accurate to the best of our knowledge):

College Fund Amount How to apply Deadline Other info
University Eric Evans Fund Up to £300 Email End of February More Details
The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) A lot Email National Level athletes
UCAPP A lot Application form Ask National Level athletes
Hawks' Charitable Trust £100-£750 Application form on website Mid-February Charitable Trust page
Ospreys' Bursary Individual basis Application form on website Easter More Details
Christ's Old Members' Sporting Fund - Application form Mid-February More Details (Blue/Half-blue only)
Churchill Small Grants Up to £350 Small grants form 2 weeks before end of term More Details
Clare Gordon Dickson Fund - Download form (2018/19 form) Mid-April Awards and Grants page
Clare Hall No dedicated sports bursaries - - - -
Corpus Christi Frisby Fund Upto £150 Email sent by Bursar Applications before december -
Darwin Blues Sports Bursary subs & some kit costs email Lent term Details circulated via email
Downing Downing Alumni Sports Fund - - - More Details
Griffins Alumni Sports Fund Contact Griffins Society - More Details
Professor Gabriel Oon Prize £250 prize pot - - Eligible if get a Blue/Half Blue and Class I degree
Emmanuel Windsor Fund Up to £250 Application form - -
Fitzwilliam Paul Day Sports Fund Via Moodle Each Term More Detailsand Guidance
Sports Support Fund - Same above same above automatically considered for both
Girton Sports Award Up to £250 official application form Michaelmas and Easter terms More details
Gonville & Caius Bell-Wade Bursary Write to Senior Tutor detailing sporting and academic achievements with receipts etc. End of Lent More details
Homerton Sports representation award Up to £200 Pick up a form from the HUS office Apply all year round - -
Hughes Hall Varsity Sport Support - Email completed form and proof of membership to senior tutor No apparent deadline (except before end of course) More details & form
Jesus Douglas Timing Grant circ. £100 application on Camsis – limited availability (means-tested)
King's Blues fund £250 Email Bursar - -
Lucy Cavendish No specific sports bursaries - - - -
Magdalene No specific sports bursaries - - - -
Murray Edward's Sports award Blues (£200); Half Blues (£150); Training with Blues (£75) Application Form Division of term More Details
Newnham JCR Sportswomen's Grants Cover subs and a proportion of playing kit Easter term More Details
Opportunity Funds Out-of-term accommodation etc - - More Details
Pembroke Blues and Half blue awards £200 and £150 respectively Application form 15th April-15th October More Details
Peter May award (non-Blues) Upto £150 Application form (Point 3) 15th April-15th October Need evidence from captain
Further travel and kit grants Up to £75 (On scale of 25% of expenses above £300) Read here 15th April-15th October Read points 4-6
Peterhouse Sports Grant - Form - More Details
Queens' Mike Turner; Eleanor Duck; Lill Awards (For Blues) Up to £500 Application forms End of Lent Term More Details
Q550 Award (any CUHC team) - Details emailed End of Lent Term More Details
Alex Stout award £500 Application form End of Michaelmas term -
Robinson Student Activities Fund Up to £150 Email financial tutor giving details of expenses and other sources of funding 30th June More Details
Contribution to Society Membership £25 Via the JCR (non-sport specific) -
The Fred Boyne Sporting Achievement Fund 3 awards of £250 last year Apply to Senior Tutor at start of Easter Term - Link above
St. Catharine's Annual Fund Sports Bursaries £250 – £500 Application form Termly More Details
Old Member's Sports Fund £50-£100 per award - Termly -
Blues blazers Pay half the cost (£100) - - -
St. Edmund's College Amenities Fund Upto a couple of hundred pounds Apply via the College Support Ticket System Termly More details
St. John's Beard Fund Up to £50 Application form 15th June More details
Blues fund Up to £350 (half expenses) Application form 15th June More details
Selwyn Vickerstaff Sports Bursary Scheme Up to £200 Application Form End of Michaelmas and Lent terms More Details (5.6.4)
Sidney Sussex Blue/Half Blue Fund circ. £100 Inform the - -
Trinity Blue/Half Blue Fund - See intranet - -
Sporting Expenses Contact Tutor Easter Term -
Trinity Hall Aula Fund - - See intranet -
Wolfson No dedicated sports bursaries - - - -

Editors Note: I spent a very exciting day scraping this information from college websites. It may or may not, therefore, be correct. If you are aware of any other bursaries, or errors, please contact a very appreciative .