While the Men’s and Women’s Blues employ the expertise of some expert coaches, a line-up of committed student coaches guides the Wanderers, Nomads, Squanderers, Bedouin and Blunderers to success.

The Blues – Charlie Bannister & Darrell Cassidy

Charlie Bannister, a level 4 coach with experience coaching England U16s, has been the Men’s Blues coach since 2013. He has led the Men’s Blues to numerous successes. Under Charlie, the Blues are pushing for National League Hockey, maintaining their position in BUCS and an emphatic victory each year at Varsity (see 2020 Varsity Results).

Darrell Cassidy, head of hockey at the Leys School, continues as Women’s Blues Coach. Despite having coached them for numerous seasons, Darrell remains mysterious about his past and so a full biography is still to follow.

Second Tier Teams – Top Class Coaches

Kieran Gilmore returns to CUHC to coach the Wanderers in 2019/2020. Having been a key member of the Men’s Blues’ since his arrival in Cambridge (too many times a blue), Kieran is now a Level 2 qualified coach and will be putting the Wanderer’s through their paces.

Liv Shears undoubtedly loves CUHC the most out of anyone still at the Club. Having pretty done every role you can think off, passionately carried out each and every piece of admin, Liv has now taken on the role of coaching the Nomads, with her trusty sidekick and fellow Women’s Blue Izzy Montgomery. Liv once played for the Nomads, while 2nd year Izzy is blue through and through. Liv and Monty will be looking to bring the Nomads back to their dominant glory days.

3rd Team Coaches – Scouting for the next big thing

Oh Lord, please help the squanderers, James Campkin is mumbling the red press. Whilst Seb Shaw is acting as a translator for the squandies forwards, Sean Gilmore is taking over the reins at the back. With three blues in the coaching line-up, the squandies look in safe hands.

Bill Taylor got off to a fantastic coaching start this year when his ideas were rejected by his own centre-backs. Hantian Wang now hopes to pick up the pieces. We know they can play hockey, but can they secure the Beds a victory in BDotY?