01/02/2020 – Fresher’s Weekend Preview

Before we get into previewing yet another weekend of hockey-wrought pandemonium, this issue of the weekend preview comes with a warning. Do not expect this to function, be funny, or be any good. It is in attempting to step into the gargantuan (although strangely youthful-looking for their age) boots of Dr Webmaster, that we, the most foolish … Continue reading 01/02/2020 – Fresher’s Weekend Preview

Fantasy League Preview – 20+1/09/19

The Wilberfortress is back in the action With the arrival of League fixtures this weekend, CUHC is getting up to top speed to hopefully win maximum points for the Fantasy hockey teams. However, first, it is great regret I must issue my first retraction. Whilst I personally thought the fresher’s dictionary was average-to-good, my lid … Continue reading Fantasy League Preview – 20+1/09/19

CUHC’s Most Liked 2018 (#BDotY-eve Preview)

It's almost here (#imquiteexcited), it's the day you've all been waiting for and there's no doubt it's going to be amazing. That's right, it's the day that the analysis of the profile picture likes is released. Everyone will have seen by now the hype generated by the biggest coordinated media campaign in the University*. It's … Continue reading CUHC’s Most Liked 2018 (#BDotY-eve Preview)