BDotY – The Results

A 5-2 win for the Wanderers.
More photos by Jack Gaunt on our Facebook Page.

We sincerely apologise for the lack of reporting on this great day. Those entrusted with CUHC’s vast media empire were all very busy playing and/or coaching and/or organising.

We’d like to thank all of you who came to support and congratulations to all of you who played. There were some excellent performances.

The results from the day were as follows:

BlunderersSporadics0-0 (Lost on shuffles)Tristan
BedouinMavericks1-1 (Won on shuffles)Izzy ClarkeIzzy Clarke
SquanderersInfrequents0-1Thomas Whitworth
NomadsRadicals0-0 (Lost on shuffles)Frankie Harley
WanderersOccasionals5-2Julian WrefordLewis Collins (x2), Joe Chandler (x2), Demetris Stylianou

Hence, as is the convention, we are delighted to announce that CUHC won since results are aggregated.

A more ‘detailed’ review to follow…

Feature Photo by Jack Gaunt. Copyright 2020.

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