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Cambridge University Hockey Club, better known as CUHC, was founded in 1890. Recently, the traditionally separate Men’s and Women’s clubs merged to form a single club. We are now recognised as the biggest and most successful amalgamated University sports club in Cambridge.

CUHC runs three Men’s and three Women’s teams. Both our 1st XIs hold a ‘full blue’ status and compete at the highest level of regional hockey in both domestic and inter-university competitions.

Victorious Men’s Blues 2018/19

Varsity Matches

Despite playing throughout Michaelmas and Lent terms, the ultimate goal for all six teams in CUHC is defeating their Oxford counterparts in the Varsity Matches and 2s/3s/4s Varsity Matches in February and March.

In recent years, varsity matches have been hotly contested with the Men’s’ blues winning the 119th JMAN Group Men’s Varsity Match (2019). Cambridge also won all five fixtures at 2s/3s/4s varsity in 2017 and four from five in 2018. CUHC last won both Blues varsity matches in 2015.

Women’s Blues 2018/19

Coaches and Captain’s

CUHC offers high-quality coaching to all players. The Men’s Blues’ (1st XI) are delighted to be coached by Charlie Bannister, Level 4 and England U16 coach, and the Women’s Blues’ are looking forward to train again with Darrel Cassidy.

For 2019/2020 season, Ed Tyler will be taking over from Sean Gilmore as Men’s Blues captain; while Hattie Bevan hands over to Amy Edwards as Women’s Blues captain.

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New Members

CUHC are always delighted to meet new members, and so if you are a new fresher coming to Cambridge in the Autumn or are already studying at Cambridge who wishes to continue playing competitive hockey at university level, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch by filling in this form. In addition, please feel free to email either the or 1st XI captain with any further questions.

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